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  1. What is Bundle Allowance?
  2. How to Produce Accurate Standard Times?
  3. Secret Formula for Making Operation Bulletin for Beginners
  4. What are the Reports Made by IE Department in Garment Factories?
  5. Duties and Responsibilities of Industrial Engineering Department
  6. A Typical Day of an Industrial Engineer (Manager) in a Garment Export House
  7. How to Use Performance Rating Calculating Basic Time?
  8. What is Balancing Loss in Garment Production?
  9. Why to Develop Database for Learning Curve? (When You would not be Getting Repeat Order)
  10. Benefits of Single-Piece Flow Production System
  11. Involvement of Industrial Engineers in Cutting Department of a Sewing Factory
  12. How will You (Industrial Engineers) Improve Efficiency of a Sewing Line? 
  13. Application of IE Concepts in Finishing Section in Garment Factories
  14. Overtime Work in Garment Industry – Does it Cost Effective for Factories?
  15. Difference Between Basic Time and Standard Time
  16. Determining Garment Piece Rate Based on Standard Time - An Introduction
  17. Workstation Design for Trouser Side Seam with Zippy Edge Guide

  18. What is Standard Hours in Garment Manufacturing?

  19. Tools and Equipment used by Industrial Engineers in the Garment Industry

  20. How to Calculate Production Target and Worker’s Bonus on Initial Days of Production Start?

  21. How I Learned Industrial Engineering (and How You Can Too)?

  22. How to Calculate Cost of Manufacturing Apparel Products

  23. Comparison of Cost and Production Between a Traditional Bundle System and a Unit Production System Installed

  24. Industrial Engineering Procedure

  25. Thread Consumption Calculation Process for Garments is Simplified

  26. EBook 'Industrial Engineering Guide to Job Interview Preparation' is Released

  27. What is the Meaning of SAM in Garment Industry?

  28. My Upcoming eBook: Industrial Engineering - Guide to Job Interview Preparation

  29. What is the Right Career Option: Merchandising or Production (Industrial Engineering)?

  30. Application of Industrial Engineering in Garment Industry

  31. 12 Useful Formulas for Industrial Engineers (Poster)

  32. 7 Wastes of Lean in Garment Manufacturing

  33. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – A Process Management Tool for the Garment Factories

  34. How Industrial Engineers Do Costing of Garments using Line Efficiency?

  35. How to Make Production Plan Without SAM Value? [Q&A]

  36. KPI Dashboard: An Effective Reporting Tool for Garment Factories

  37. How to Plan Daily Line Output from Garment SAM?

  38. How to Increase Line Efficiency in a Piece Rate Factory?

  39. Method of Calculating Cost per Minute of a Sewing Line

  40. How to Find Labor Cost for Garment Manufacturing Using Work Measurement Data?

  41. 8 Preferred Lean Manufacturing Tools for Garment Industry

  42. How to Prepare Monthly Efficiency Report of a Sewing Line?

  43. Sewing Operator Incentive Schemes and Technology Solutions

  44. Necessary Production Reports for a Garment Factory

  45. How to Measure Line Performance When You Don't Know Product SMV?

  46. What is GSD System?

  47. Ratio of Sewing Machines used in a Shirt Factory

  48. Frequently Asked Questions in Industrial Engineering Job Interviews [Discussion Post]

  49. Sample Operation Breakdown of a Jacket

  50. Selection of Improvement Projects and Project Implementation Method

  51. Sewing Operator Recruiting Test Procedure

  52. How to Calculate Helper Requirement for a Sewing Line

  53. Production Process Flow of a Sportswear Manufacturing Company

  54. What is Line Balancing?

  55. How Lucrative Your Attendance Bonus System is and What is its Impact?

  56. Order Completion Report - An Important MIS Report for Garment Exporters

  57. What is Non-Productive Time (NPT) and How to Track NPT?

  58. Lean Manufacturing in Indian Apparel Industry

  59. 4 Killer Non-Productive Measures in Garment Manufacturing

  60. Case Study: An Incentive Scheme for Sewing Operators

  61. Work Study and Industrial Engineering Terms and Definitions

  62. How to Calculate Efficiency of a Line that Produces Multiple Styles in a Day?

  63. How to Calculate WIP level in Cutting, Sewing and Finishing Section?

  64. How to Calculate Manpower Requirement of Finishing Section?

  65. How to Calculate no. of Machines, Working Days and Output Based on Order Quantity?

  66. How to Do Skill Upgrading for Machine Operators?

  67. Line Efficiency: A Magical Measure for Garment Manufacturers

  68. Bundle Tickets, Individual Performance Bonus and Grouping of Operations

  69. How to Allocate Sewing Operators for Different Styles?

  70. How Line Supervisors do Hourly Target Follow up?

  71. Difference Between SAM and SMV

  72. Operation Breakdown and Machine Layout for Bra Manufacturing

  73. How to Determine Machines Requirement for a New Factory?

  74. What Should be the Production in Pieces/Machine for a Formal Trouser & Formal Shirt?

  75. Why Do We Need to Measure Man to Machine Ratio in Garment Industry?

  76. How to Calculate Cutting SAM?

  77. How to Calculate Standard Hours Earned, Operator Efficiency and Labour Cost?

  78. 9 Ways to Increase Sewing Operator Efficiency

  79. Operation Breakdown and SMVs of a Basic Jeans

  80. Which Attachment to use for Making Gather and Simultaneously Attach to a Panel?

  81. Efficiency Levels of Major Apparel Manufacturing Clusters in India

  82. Full Form of SAM and SMV in Apparel Industry

  83. Formula for Calculating Sewing Room Capacity

  84. 20 Ways to Improve Productivity in Garment Production

  85. How to Get Training on General Sewing Data (GSD)?

  86. Systematic Training of Sewing Industry Operators – An Introduction

  87. How to Calculate Production Capacity of a Factory?

  88. Machines used for Denim (Jeans) Manufacturing

  89. What is Pitch Time, Pitch Diagram and how to make a Pitch Diagram?

  90. How to control apparel production cost?

  91. How to reduce line setting time for assembly line?

  92. What is on-standard efficiency and overall efficiency?

  93. How to calculate Machine requirement for garment to be made in an assembly line?

  94. Which payment system is better for sewing operators in garment manufacturing - Piece Rate or Salary based?

  95. Which Machines are needed to make Basic Tee Shirts?

  96. Which Machines are needed to make Basic Polo Shirts?

  97. Standard Minutes (SAM or SMV) for Few Basic Garment Products

  98. Which production system is better - A Conventional line Or A Modular line?

  99. How to calculate operator efficiency at work?

  100. How to calculate efficiency of a production batch or line?

  101. How to do Method Study for garment operations?

  102. Garment Production Systems

  103. Video: Sewing Machine attachment and Guides

  104. Work aids and equipments for garment manufacturing industry

  105. Sewing Process Flow Chart for Crew neck T-Shirt

  106. The Concept of Operator's Performance Rating

  107. Use of Takt Time in Apparel Industry

  108. Incentive Systems for Garment Industry

  109. How to do Time Study for garment operations?

  110. How to Estimate Garment Production?

  111. Garment CM cost estimation using SAM or SMV

  112. Case Study: Work Sampling for Sewing Floor

  113. What is Work Sampling?

  114. How to Balance a Traditional Sewing line?

  115. How to Measure Labor Productivity?

  116. Industrial Engineer's Job Profile in the Apparel Industry

  117. How to Calculate Thread Consumption for Garments?

  118. How to Calculate SAM of a Garment?

  119. What is Productivity?

  120. Comparison between Progressive Bundle System and Unit Production System (UPS)

  121. How to Make an Operation Bulletin for a Garment?

  122. Role of Industrial Engineers in Garment Production Management

  123. Incentive Scheme for Sewing Operators – Part #1

  124. How to determine number of sewing line needed for an order?

  125. How to Calculate Sewing Machine RPM?

  126. How to Show Line Efficiency when there is no Loading to a Line?

  127. Characteristics of a good workstation layout

  128. What is Man to Machine ratio in garment industry?

  129. Actual Garment Production Cost – The way factory calculates it

  130. KPIs for Garment Manufacturers

  131. Operations, Seams and Sewing Machines Database for Basic Products now on the Web

  132. Industrial Engineering #4

  133. Garment Production Cost: Actual Cost Vs Cost Per SAM

  134. How to do Line balancing using Operator Skill History?

  135. What is skill Matrix for Sewing Operator?

  136. Operation Breakdown and SMV of a Trouser

  137. 7 Ways to Reduce WIP from Bottleneck Operations

  138. Secret Behind Calculation of Machine Time in SAM

  139. How to Grade Sewing Operators?

  140. How to Find Actual RPM of the Machines running on the Floor?

  141. Operation Breakdown and SAM of the Full Sleeve Formal Men’s Shirt

  142. Can Anybody Hit 100% Efficiency of GSD SAM?

  143. Engineers, Be careful with data what you are presenting to your boss!

  144. How to Estimate Sewing Time by Machine RPM?

  145. Industrial Engineering #3

  146. Articles on Industrial Engineering - 2