What is Bundle Allowance?

You may already know that to determine Standard Time (SAM) using Time Study method various allowances are added to the basic time. Bundle allowance is one such allowance. Do you know what bundle allowance is?

In Progressive Bundle Production System (PBS), a number of garments are bundled together. These bundles are fed to the sewing line. Sewing operators need to open (untie) the bundle before he can start sewing garment pieces. After completing one bundle operators need to tie up the bundle before he stacks the bundle or slides it to the following operator. For this activity, the operator spends a certain time. It may be a fraction of minutes. The time required for bundle tying and untying is considered a bundle allowance.

Bundle allowance
An operator is tying up a bundle after stitching 
Bundle Allowance Time per piece will depend on the size of the bundle. A bundle may contain 5 pieces or 20 pieces of garments. For both bundles more or less same time will be required to untie and tie the bundle. When we calculate standard time, it is done for single pieces. Bundle allowance will be less as bundle size increases.

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