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Industrial Engineering how to guide

As an industrial engineer, you perform many activities in a garment factory. You learn new things every day. The following how-to guides are written for newcomers to help them learn new things quickly. Once you read the how-to guides and method, I am sure you will be able to do the job faster and accurately. To read the guide click on the topic.

1. How to Calculate Hourly Production Target
2. How to Estimate Garment Production?
3. How to Calculate Machine Productivity
4. How to Calculate the SAM of a Garment?
5. How to Make an Operation Bulletin for a Garment?
6. How to calculate Daily Target using SAM Vs Cycle Time
7. How to Calculate Pieces per Hour from Cycle Time
8. How to calculate Garment Production Cost from SMV and Monthly Salary Data
9. How to Justify the Piece Rate in the Garment Industry?
10. How to measure SMV Improvement Percentage
11. How to Calculate Overall Line Efficiency?
12. How to Calculate the Standard Minute Rate (SMR) in Garment Factories?
13. How to Encourage Workers in a Garment Factory?
14. How to Make a WIP Report in Garment Production?
15. How to Get Maximum Efficiency in Shorter Run Orders?
16. How to Do Sequencing of Stitching Operations in a Garment
17. How to Calculate Operator Number in the Operation Bulletin
18. How to Calculate Earned Hours?
19. How to Calculate Needle Down Time in Garment Shop Floor
20. How to Develop Skill Matrix? (with Excel Template)
21. How to Calculate CM Produced by a Line in Dollar?
22. How to Produce Accurate Standard Time?
23. How to Use Performance Rating Calculating Basic Time?
24. How to calculate Balancing Loss?
25. How to Calculate Production Target and Worker’s Bonus on Initial Days of Production Start?
26. How to Calculate Cost of Manufacturing Apparel Products
27. How Industrial Engineers Do Costing of Garments using Line Efficiency?
28. How to Make Production Plan Without SAM Value? [Q&A]
29. How to Plan Daily Line Output from Garment SAM?
30. How to Increase Line Efficiency in a Piece Rate Factory?
31. How to calculate Cost per Minute of a Sewing Line
32. How to Prepare Monthly Efficiency Report of a Sewing Line?
33. How to Measure Line Performance When You Don't Know Product SMV?
34. How to Calculate Helper Requirement for a Sewing Line
35. How to track Non-Productive Time (NPT)?
36. How to Calculate the Efficiency of a Line that Produces Multiple Styles in a Day?
37. How to Calculate WIP level in Cutting, Sewing and Finishing Section?
38. How to Calculate Manpower Requirement of Finishing Section?
39. How to Calculate no. of Machines, Working Days and Output Based on Order Quantity?
40. How to Do Skill Upgrading for Machine Operators?
41. How to Allocate Sewing Operators for Different Styles?
42. How to do Hourly Target Follow up?
43. How to calculate Machines Requirement for a New Factory?
44. How to Calculate Cutting SAM?
45. How to Calculate Standard Hours Earned, Operator Efficiency and Labour Cost?
46. How to Calculate Sewing Room Capacity?
47. How to improve Productivity in Garment Production?
48. How to Calculate Production Capacity of a Factory?
49. How to make a Pitch Diagram?
50. How to control apparel production cost?
51. How to reduce line setting time for assembly line?
52. How to calculate the Machine requirement for the garment to be made in an assembly line?
53. How to calculate operator efficiency at work?
54. How to calculate the efficiency of a production batch or line?
55. How to do Method Study for garment operations?
56. How to do Time Study for garment operations?
57. How to Balance a Traditional Sewing line?
58. How to do Line balancing using Operator Skill History?
59. How to Measure Labor Productivity?
60. How to Calculate Thread Consumption for Garments?
61. How to determine the number of sewing lines needed for an order?
62. How to Calculate Sewing Machine RPM?
63. How to Find Actual RPM of the Machines running on the Floor?
64. How to Show Line Efficiency when there is no Loading to a Line?
65. How to reduce WIP from Bottleneck Operations
66. How to Grade Sewing Operators?
67. How to Estimate Sewing Time by Machine RPM?

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