How-to Guides for Quality Controllers

Quality checkers, quality controllers, and quality assurance people in the garment manufacturing industry come across new problems.   They need to know guides for performing their activities in managing quality issues to improving the quality of the product. Here are the guides for newcomers.
  1. How to Make Garment Inspection Report - Simple Method and Advanced Method
  2. How to inspect a garment?
  3. How to measure DHU?
  4. How to Calculate Defective Percentage
  5. How to use 4 Point System for Knits Fabric Inspection?
  6. How to Give an Approval for Print and Embroidery Strike-off?
  7. How to Inspect Fabric Roll in the Garment Factory
  8. How to Identify Garment Defects (list of Garment Defects with Images)
  9. How to Classify Garment defects
  10. How to Eliminate Fabric Inspection from Garment Manufacturing Process?
  11. How to Secure Quality of Imported Apparels
  12. How to Improve Apparel Product Quality?
  13. How to prepare the traffic light system inspection report?
  14. How to prepare a quality KPI report?
  15. How to do fabric grouping?
  16. How to read the AQL Chart?
  17. How to eliminate fabric shade variation in garments?
  18. How to deal with cutting mistakes in garment manufacturing?
  19. How to improve garment quality?

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