How-to Guide for Apparel Merchandisers

As an apparel merchandiser, you perform many activities including managing orders, sampling, product development, approvals, communicating with buyers, sourcing material and working with the internal product team and quality team. Get equipped with all the needed knowledges and become a smart merchandiser.

The following how-to guides are written for newcomers to help you learn the new things quickly. Once you read and explore the how-to guides and method, I am sure you will be able do the job smartly. To read the guide click on the topic.

  1. How to Review or Study Reference Garment Sample?
  2. How to Choose Right Method for Garment Printing?
  3. How to Calculate Fabric Consumption of a Garment?
  4. How to Give an Approval for Print and Embroidery Strike-off?
  5. How to Calculate Thread Consumption for Garments?
  6. How to Convert Fabric Price per Meter to per Kg?
  7. How to Find New Buyers and Retain Them for Apparel Manufacturing Business
  8. How to Calculate Lead Time of an Apparel Export Order
  9. How to Make a Good and Comprehensive Production File?
  10. How to conduct pre-production meeting?
  11. How to make Bill of material (BOM)?
  12. How to know different sample types
  13. How to Calculate Size Wise Cut Quantity from the Size Ratio in an Order
  14. How to Convert Knitted Fabric Requirement from Meter to Kg (Kilogram)
  15. How to Convert Knitted Fabric Requirement from Kg to Meter
  16. How to Calculate Fabric Shrinkage Percentage
  17. How to Decide Better Fabrics against Particular GSM
  18. How to Read Fabric Construction?
  19. How to Calculate the Cost of Manufacturing Apparel Products
  20. How to Make Purchase Order (PO) for Garment Sourcing?
  21. How to Calculate Raw Material Cost?
  22. How to Calculate Garment Cost using available Information
  23. How to Calculate Product CM Cost at the Time of Order Booking?
  24. How to calculate profit margin in apparel costing?
  25. How to make Time and Action Calendar?
  26. How to Find Fabric EPI and PPI by Yourself?
  27. How to Determine Warp and Weft in a Woven Fabric?
  28. How to calculate fabric utilization% in the cutting room?
  29. How to develop SOP for merchandisers

Other than these how-to guides, we have published many articles and Q&As which are related to merchandising activities in the apparel industry. Read 120+ merchandising article by category.

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