Purpose and Procedures of Style Discussion Meeting Prior to Start of Production

Style discussion prior to production is mostly known as Pre-Production Meeting or PP Meeting. This meeting is a vital part of preparation prior to production and smooth production run. Others called it Style Tear Down Meeting (TDM) or style discussion meeting. In whatever name you call it, the purpose of this meeting remain same. 

Main purpose of PP meeting and how PP meeting is conducted have been explained below.

Purpose of the PP Meeting

  • To discuss construction details of a style that is approved by customer and going to load in production. 

  • To identify possible problem prior to production and to agree on correct procedures to achieve necessary quality standards 

  • To ensure that production team understand and agree on style specification and relevant standards, such as print and embroidery specification. 

  • To discuss any difficulty incurred during sample making and to approach a different methods of handling the operation prior to production. 

  • Merchants confirm whether all materials like fabric, trims and accessories are in-housed or expected date of sourcing. 

  • In this meeting responsible persons are defined for the tasks involved in preproduction and production processes. 

Procedures of PP Meeting

  • PP meeting is conducted after approval of PP sample and all materials are sourced
  • Participants discuss possible issue as explained above one by one
  • Production file is handed over to production department with required details
  • Meeting of the Meeting is made and signed by each participants
  • Signed copy of meeting of the pre-production meeting is circulated to each department or to persons who involved in production department.

Who need to participate in PP Meeting

Following staffs participate in PP meeting and discuss points related to their department and responsibilities.
  • Factory Manager 
  • Production Manager (Later download meeting details to cutting department, Line supervisor and finishing team) 
  • QA Manager 
  • Research and Development In-charge 
  • IE Department 
  • Merchandiser 
  • Technical Department (Pattern master) 
  • Machine Mechanic in-charge 

Note: Position of the staffs who participate in PP meeting may be different based on your organization structure.

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