Requirement of Skills for a Finishing Final Checker

Skill for finishing checker.
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Main job of a finishing checker in a garment manufacturing company is to check garments from outside and inside for material defects, stitching defects and loose threads. A checker checks if correct labels such care label, brand label and size label are attached at the right place. Finishing checker checks garments to detect defective garments from the given lot and send defective garment for alteration.
To ensure that your checkers can do their job correctly, they must have the following skills set. Garment inspection procedures for the product that you make
  1. Can understand and follow the instruction given by the finishing supervisor
  2. Can read the instruction on display sheet (at least local language)
  3. Knowledge of defects, such as skipped stitch, loose thread, oil stain, shade variation, etc.
  4. Must be able to assess whether to accept a garment or reject a garment for alteration based on the severity of defects
  5. Must not be color blindness
  6. If a defect is found in a garment, the checker should know the source of the defect 
  7. If your quality system demands checkers to fill garment checking format, checkers should be able to fill format as per instruction
All skills are important but it does not mean that when you are hiring a checker he needs to know or has come with all those skills. At the time of hiring checkers you should check primary requirements and additional skills can be developed by training.

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