List of Download-able Files/Templates (PDF Document and Free eBooks)

In apparel and fashion manufacturing, formats, templates, and charts are very useful for learning things quickly and improve productivity in your daily work. At, I have shared many files, formats, and templates at different times. Most of these formats/ files are free for downloading. You can download any files and eBooks from this list.

I have observed that sometimes OCS readers find difficulty in downloading these files/formats. So, I often asked to send them those files by mail. I hope this list will be helpful to you.

In the following, I have provided links for related articles and links to download the file. In the linked articles, you will find a guide on how-to-use the format (but not for all). Some of the formats are image files. After opening those image files, save (Ctrl+S) on your computer.

Some files are uploaded on Google Drive and shared. Download the file after opening on Google Drive to use the template.

  1. Time & Action Calendar template. See the post  | Download excel template
  2. Production efficiency report format. See the post  | Download file
  3. Sewing Thread Consumption Calculation Template Read the article | Download file
  4. Daily Production Report I Read the article | Download File
  5. Production report with pivot table Read this article  | Download file
  6. Cut Order plan Read the article | Download file
  7. Sample operation bulletin Read the article | Download file
  8. Fabric consumption t-shirt Read the article | Download file
  9. 4-point system for fabric inspection (data collection format) Read the article | Download format
  10. Traffic light system quality inspection format Read the article | Download format
  11. A useful formula for Industrial Engineering calculation read the article | Download poster
  12. Garment costing sheet (template) read the article | Download template
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P.S. If you find a download link for formats/files inside any article that is missing in this list. Please inform me at ocs(at)

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