timeSSD® - The Genuine Cost-Effective Time-Cost Solution for Apparel Manufacturing Industry

In the new demand-driven era brands and retailers working to design new strategies to build more sustainable models that are made to last.

This means producing on-demand, creating more sustainable products at higher quality levels, using more durable materials with clear provenance, delivering new, deeper customer experiences, and adopting best-in-class production and manufacturing methods to deliver it all.

This requires from retailers and manufacturers to operate together on a new ‘fair labor rates methodology’ that is transparent and fit for that new demand-driven economy, it must use accurate and transferable labor building blocks so that operations can be standardized, the manufacturing methods and costs optimized.

Like how SSD, the former version of timeSSD®, was the first computerized time and cost benchmarking system for the sewing products industry in 1982, a recognized universal standard, the timeSSD®, is the ever first collaborative labor costing SaaS platform for apparel brands and manufacturers, launched at Texprocess – Frankfurt in 2017. With more than three years of accumulated experiences, as a SaaS solution hosted in Microsoft Azure, it offers in an intuitive way the same comprehensive capabilities for all garment sector players, in the same incredible cost-effective way.

By its new paradigm the big and small, beginner and veteran, brand and manufacturer, in fact, all interested users and user groups benefits of the same, browser-based fast access from anywhere, in the today’s possible highest flexible way, following the simple principle of “pay as you go”.

timeSSD® provides a unique, common platform in the Cloud for the fashion brands and manufacturers for fast, data-driven, and transparent discussions on the sensitive issues: cost, capacity, delivery, required quality.

Starting with zero investment an unlimited number of users, from the same account, can access and collaborate on the accumulating standardized and accurate knowledgebase, from any place, at any moment. The operation list sharing with trusted partners is at a click distance, as part of the transparency and cooperation. This unprecedented facility provides the expected celerity to fix the divergencies and supports the speed to market with the highest customer satisfaction.

Digitization is a must in all sectors of the business, as the pandemic demonstrates again. To keep the business running, near the wide availability of the solution, the integration abilities with 3rd party software, the related maintenance, monitoring, user training, and support services should be available and performed on digital channels.

The EDI feature of timeSSD® performs the data transfer of the developed methods and operation lists to 3rd party applications. The included Excel reports are an alternative solution.

timeSSD® provides without any kind of subscription and spending, automatic upgrades, monitoring, maintenance, and user support. The data security and distributed backups are part of the data storage services provided by timeSSD® using the corresponding services offered by Microsoft Azure.

The timeSSD® trainer – consultants started the webinar-based motion analysis and user training in no constraint times. From 2018 are provided periodically such a service series for fashion technology students. During the years were developed the methodology, accumulated the experience, and gathered the necessary know-how on the new digital channels for quality delivery.

ELF – Essential Labor Fund – the scientific motion elements database of timeSSD®, is capitalized with the integrated user-centric, novelty features that are available in case of any need, regardless of location and time.
A separate, dedicated license is offered for 3rd party software developers (PLM, ERP, SFC …) for own features development to support the transparency on the value chain, powered by ELF.

Summary of features and benefits

Scalable SaaS solution hosted in Azure, with data security and distributed backup assured by Microsoft. Subscription free, automatic upgrades, maintenance, monitoring and user support. EDI integration with PLM, ERP, SFC.

Universally accepted scientific motion elements database (ELF) with predetermined times for optimized costing, accurate capacity planning, line balancing, efficiency increase and fair labor rating.

Detail documented standard methods with standard times for workers training and required quality delivery. Tool for method improvements, workplace optimization, efficiency control and competitiveness increase.

Supports and promotes collaboration and transparency in the value chain. By the operation list sharing feature offers a common platform for fast, fact-based, data-driven, and transparent discussions on sensitive issues.

Is the Genuine Cost-Effective time-cost manufacturing solution with zero investment, unlimited users, unlimited instances, no subscription fees, only “pay as you go” costing. Complete decision freedom for the account holder, always.

timeSSD® apply its native principle of providing all end users with the same, cost-effective, access to its knowledgebase. As a unique approach provides to the 3rd party software solution developers with a dedicated license, for own features development, to support their customers' competitiveness and the transparency on the value chain, powered by ELF.

timeSSD® offers multiple integration ways to the 3rd party applications which need accurate labor costing data for optimizing and automating the key processes in the fashion value chain. Provides transparency and collaboration as part of the social manufacturing, delivers celerity and sustainability, and combined with its genuine cost-effective being is an active part of the answer required by tomorrow’s challenges.

This post is written and submitted by Laszlo Szabo from timeSSD. 

Know more about timeSSD®. You can register for a free trial timeSSD.

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