Apparel Manufacturing Terminologies, an eBook Published by OCS

We are pleased to share with you that Online Clothing Study has published a new eBook Apparel Manufacturing Terminologies: A glossary of common terms used in apparel production. 

This eBook is written covering most of the common terms and trade terms used in the garment manufacturing field especially in apparel production. All the terms are defined with examples and images (where applicable). Terms are arranged alphabetically.

For your further reading, a link is given to some of the terms.

This eBook would be a good reference for newcomers and students. Whenever you need to know the definition of a new term, you can refer to this eBook.

To download the eBook, click on the eBook cover page or click on the download link. This eBook is available in PDF format only. Save this eBook (PDF version) before we close free downloading.
Apparel manufacturing terminologies

Here are a few sample pages from the eBook (picked randomly).

eBook apparel manufacturing technology by online clothing study

Image- Screenshot of the eBook (Apparel Manufacturing terminologies)

I hope you will find value in this book. 

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PS: Currently, this eBook is free for downloading and free to share it with anyone who needs this eBook. 

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