How to Calculate Size Wise Cut Quantity from the Size Ratio in an Order?

How to calculate size wise cutting quantity for 10000 pieces? For example, suppose we have received a production order of 10000 pieces and the order size ratio is S:M:L:XL = 1:2:2:1. Please help me with the formula. - asked by Mala SN 
In bulk apparel production, garment manufacturers get an order in volume for a style. In such bulk orders, garment supplier needs to garment for multiple sizes. Like, the same design is made for size small, size medium and size Large.

The buyer PO contains total order quantity and size wise order quantity. Sometimes buyers do not provide the size wise quantity breakup. Instead, they provide the following details.
  • total order quantity, 
  • list of sizes garment to made and 
  • size wise quantity ratio of garments
From the ratio, you need to calculate size wise quantity. A mathematical calculation is used to convert ratios into quantity.  At the time of cut order plan, size wise quantity is calculated by the garment manufacturers.

You can use the following steps to find size wise quantity.

Step#1. Calculate the sum of all ratios. Here size ratio (1:2:2:1), 1+2+2+1 =6

Step#2. Divide total order quantity by sum of the ratio (here 6)

Step#3. Multiply the result by the ratio of a particular size

The following formula is used for conversion from ratio to quantity.
Quantity of a size = (order quantity X ratio of the particular size)/ (Sum of ratio of all sizes)
Let's consider the above data for an example.  size wise cutting quantity will be

Quantity in S = (10000 /6) *1 = 1666.66 = 1667

Quantity in M = (10000 /6) *2 = 3333.33 = 3333

Quantity in L = (10000 /6) *2 = 3333.33 = 3333

Quantity in XL = (10000 /6) *1 = 1666.66 = 1667

The above calculation can be made easily by using an excel sheet. You can create a table with formula. Later when you get an order and size ratio, enter those on the specific cells; you will get actual cut quantity. For your reference, I have shown you a simple cut order plan (for a single color order) in the following table.

Cut order plan sheet for single color

If you find it difficult to calculate size wise cut quantity from the total order quantity using the given size ratio. Use my template.

How to use this template?

  • Download this template and save the excel file in your computer. 
  • Enter your style number, order quantity, and the size ratio in the colored cells. 
  • If you like to add extra cutting to cover the defective garment and size mismatch in packing, add how extra quantity requirement in percentage. Like 3% or 5% or 7%.  
  • Once the entry is done in the colored cells, your size wise quantity breakup is ready.

In case you find a problem with downloading the excel format, please write me.

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