How to calculate fabric utilization% in cutting room?

Fabric utilization:
It means how much fabric is being utilized in cutting for garment patterns out of total fabric laid for cutting. Generally, fabric constitutes 60% to 70% of the total garment cost. So, through effective fabric utilization factory can save lot of money from fabric.

Calculation of Fabric utilization:

Fabric utilization is calculated by weight.

Step 1: Measure the lay length (A) or marker length that should be used in bulk cutting. Suppose fabric width is 1.2 meters. Collect the information of fabric GSM (Grams per square meter).

Step 2: Calculate weight of that lay (B).

Fabric Weight = Fabric width X Lay Length X GSM X No. of plies (You can also calculate taking multiple lays) or 1.2A*GSM * no. of plies

Step 3: Cut the patterns and collect all waste fabric and weigh waste (C). Normally includes ends losses, cut  waste.

Step 4: Weight of the fabric of cut panels D= (B-C)

Step 5: Fabric utilization% = Weight of cut panels (D)/Total weight of the lay (B)*100%

For the accuracy you can do this exercise with multiple lays and take average of them.

Example: For better understanding I have shown an example in the following.

Step 1: Assume that
a) Measured lay length = 3 meters
b) Fabric GSM = 150
c) No. of Plies = 5 and
d) Fabric width = 1.2 meters,

Step 2: Calculated weight of the lay = 3*150*5*1.2 =2700 grams

Step 3: Weight of the collected waste after cutting = 300 grams
Step 4: Weight of the cut panels = (2700 – 300) = 2400 grams

Step 5: Fabric utilization percentage = (2400/2700*100) = 88.9%

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