How to Convert Knits Fabric Requirement from Kg to Meter

Question: I faced a situation in which knit fabric is in Kg. I want to convert kg into meters. I have used many formula by searching here and there, but no satisfaction. Please help me and provide me a simple method.
You can convert fabric requirement kilogram to meters provided you have the necessary information for the calculation. You need to know the following parameters for the given fabric.
  • Fabric width
  • Fabric weight per square unit (Normally fabric weight is represented per square meter in grams. (GSM) )
  • Fabric weight that you want to convert in meters

knitted fabric stripes
Knits fabric

The formula to know the approx length of the roll/thān from its weight

The weight of a fabric roll is calculated using this formula

Areas of the fabric roll in open width X weight per square unit

Weight (in gram) = Fabric length (in meter) X fabric width (in meter) X Fabric GSM

Therefore to convert kg to meter use the following formula

Fabric length (in meters) = [(Fabric weight in gram)/ (Fabric GSM *Fabric Width in meter)]

Fabric length (in meters) = (Fabric weight * 1000)/(Fabric GSM *Fabric Width in inch * 0.0254)

When weight is converted into Kg and fabric width is taken in inches

For example, the fabric weight of a roll/ thān is 50 kgs, fabric GSM 250, and fabric width 46 inches (open width).

Therefore, Fabric length = (50*1000)/(250*46*0.0254) = 171.17 Meters

Note: The above formula will give you an approx length of the fabric roll as the density of the fabric throughout the roll length may change. Secondly, if you include more than one roll in the calculation, the width of the fabric may also vary from roll to roll.

I hope this will help you in your work. Thanks for learning with OCS.

Update: The following section is updated on July 09, 2021

Problem-1 asked by Pradhan Rokib

The weight of the full roll including both fabric and cardboard is 11.9kg. The weight of the cardboard alone is 1kg.
The weight of the fabric is 165 grams per square meter
The width of the roll is 1.5m
Some shirts are made using the fabric from the roll and now the weight of the roll is 5.7kg
Based on the above, what is the remaining length of fabric in the roll in meters? Round up to the nearest whole number without writing the meters sign at the end?


Weight of the remaining fabric = (5.7 Kg - 1 Kg) = 4.5 Kgs excluding cardboard weight.
Fabric GSM = 165 grams
Fabric width = 1.5 meter

By using the Weight to meter conversion factor
= (4.5 x 1000)/(165 x 1.5)
= (4500/247.5)
= 18.2 meters
The remaining length of fabric in the roll is 18 meters.

Problem-2 asked by Jamila El



The length of the fabric in meter:
= (500 Kg x 1000)/(310 x1.5)
= 500,000/465
= 1075.26 Meter

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