How to Allocate Sewing Operators in Different Styles?

Question: How to allocate operators for different styles? ... asked by Fitsum.t

Normally, allocation of sewing operators is done based on the skill required in an operation, machine type to be used and performance required.

For example, you may have two operators who can operate the same types of machines or operations but they have different performance level (individual efficiency) on that machine. So, you have to plan according to the work content (operation SAM) and skill requirement to allocate the best suitable operators. For the better understanding of skill details of the existing operators, you can create an operator skill matrix which will help you in easy selection of operators.

Allocating sewing operators in different styles

You have mentioned operator allocation for different styles. Do you mean your style has a different set of operations? If so, you will get 80% similarities in operations and machine types (As per Pareto’s 80/20 theory).

So, don’t worry about different styles. With your existing operators, you can make it. Prepare operation bulletin, identify types of machines required for each operation and calculate a number of machines to be set. As explained above match three things for better operator allocation – operation, machine type and performance required.

When an operation does not match with the previous style, do further analysis of operations. And select the most suitable operator. Look into seam type, fabric type, operation difficulty etc.

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