How to Calculate WIP level in Cutting, Sewing and Finishing Section?

Question: How to calculate WIP levels in cutting, sewing and finishing section? ... asked by Rashmi Jain

Work in progress (WIP) or  in-process inventory includes the set at large of unfinished items for products in a production process. These items are not yet completed but either just being fabricated or waiting in a queue for further processing or in a buffer storage. In garment manufacturing WIP is generally measured in pieces (unit). WIP can be measured  Total pieces loaded in a process minus total pieces out from that process is the WIP of that process.

If you only want to calculate current WIP level or how many pieces are there as a WIP in a section use following formula -

Cutting Room WIP: 

When one calculates cutting room WIP only stock cut pieces is considered as cutting WIP. Fabric those are layered on table or received from fabric store for cutting is not considered as WIP.

Cutting WIP = Total cut qty - Total qty sent to sewing,
For example, Cutting room cut total 5000 pieces for style# A and 3000 pieces have been issued to sewing department. Then cutting room WIP will be 2000 pieces.

Sewing Section WIP: 

WIP level of sewing section can be calculated for a line, for a floor or WIP between two operations. You have to use specific formula for what you are calculating WIP level.

Sewing Line WIP = Total pieces loaded to the line - pieces completed
For example, To Line# X total 3000 pieces have been loaded for style# A and total 2500 pieces are out from the line. Sewing line WIP is 3000-2500 = 500 pieces

Finishing Room WIP:

Finishing room WIP = Total received from sewing - Total pieces packed

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