How to Calculate Helper Requirement for a Sewing Line

How many helpers to be placed in a line of 60 machines layout & 45 machines layout? what is the method calculate above? ...asked by  Iresha 


A helper assisting sewing operator to cut thread  
It is a good question. I would say there is no formula for calculating no.of helpers. Helpers are normally hired for a line to do manual tasks of a style, to feed cutting to a line etc. Like you calculate number of sewing machinist (sewing machine), number of helpers for  manual operations can be calculated based on SAM of manual operations.
Following are the guidelines that will help you to decide how many helper you need to hire irrespective of line   strength.

  1. Go through your operation bulletin and check how many jobs / tasks do you have that required helpers (like marking, trimming jobs), for some manual task you may need multiple helpers.

  2. Check feeding procedure: To feed cutting to line do you need any helpers? If yes, do you need one person for each line or one person can feed cutting to multiple lines? Calculate number of helpers based on your requirement. 

  3. Matching of parts: In many styles part matching is required prior to feed parts to assembly section to eliminate shade variation and size mixing. 

  4. Shorting of bundle: Do you need to short bundles in the line?

  5. Hand work: Do your style demand person for handwork? 

  6. Thread cutting: It is not a good practice but would like to mention here that three years ago I have seen factories in Bangladesh, where helpers are hired to assist sewing machinist to cut sewing thread. Do you have such practices in your factory?    
When you required to estimate total no. of helper required in a line follow above guidelines. You will get an approximate number of helper. 

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