How to Show Line Efficiency when there is no Loading to a Line?

Question: Please explain how we can calculate line efficiency and prepare efficiency report when there is delay in line input.

OCS's Answer:

In garment production it has been observed that sometime line is filled with operators but they have no work to do. Because work is not given to them. It happens during line setting or if factory has no enough cutting to load.

In such situation operators do not produce any minutes though they are present to the line. Factories calculate line efficiency in two forms - On-standard efficiency and all hour efficiency. When there is no input/loading to the line, sewing operators will sit idle. Which is considered as non-productive time or off-standard time. 

Same formula will be used in the Efficiency calculation.
On-standard efficiency% = (Total Minutes produced / Total On-standard work hours)*100
All hours Efficiency% = (Total minutes produced (on-standard and off-standard) /Total work hours (on-standard+ off-standard))*100
For proper efficiency reporting record data such as on-standard work hours, non-productive time (off-standard hours), total minute produced both in on-standard work and off-standard work. 

If line your line is produced nothing in whole day then obviously line efficiency will zero. But you have the reason that all available hours there was no loading to the line. 

Or if few operators work on some operations but there is no output, still you can show some efficiency. Calculate total minutes produced by those operators based on operation SAM. Then use above formula to calculate your line efficiency.

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