Which Attachment to use for Making Gather and Simultaneously Attach to a Panel?

Question: Please suggest about an attachment which makes gather on a frill & simultaneously attach to a panel. Also please suggest about the attachment for bottom hemming in over lock machine (blind stitch).

OCS's Answer:

The first attachment is possible in both knits and woven but with low and medium weight (or GSM) fabric only. For this types of operations I used Yamato O/L with differential feed. But before going to bulk a lot of R&D and a really good mechanic are pre-requisite. It can attain upto a certain gather ratio only. For gathering & attach, you can refer attachment No- MF562 ( Supplier Mahaveer/Gauge).

Regarding "blind stitch" in O/L, it is rather called "Ladder hemming" mainly due to its look. There is no attachment available in the market, one has to purchase a separate machine which uses 3 threads and specially designed for this kind of hemming. Its readily available with Yamato and factories are making garment with this construction in both bottom and sleeve hem. It takes some time for the operator to get trained with fabric handling on this machine. For bottom hemming in O/L (blind stitch) - I have not come across any attachment, as their is a machine which does blind stitch in trousers & knitted garments.

Answered by Abhishek Goel.

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