How to Calculate Pieces per Hour from Cycle Time?

Estimate production from operation cycle time

Can you please tell me how to calculate pieces per hour of an operator. Let's say average cycle time is 30 seconds. How to calculate the hourly production of the operator?
The production capacity from the cycle time is calculated using this formula.

= (3600/ Average operation cycle time)

Note: 1 hour = 3600 seconds

You need to add allowances to the average cycle time to estimate the production capacity more realistic. As you know, when you do cycle timing of an operator, she would have been working for her bundle and stitched few garments (operations cycle) one after another without taking a break. 

In our cycle time record, the allowances, like machine breakdown, threading needle and bobbin change, bundle opening and tieing the bundle, personal needs, are not included. Combining all add 20% allowance on the average cycle time.

In your example, the operation cycle time is 30 seconds. After adding 20 allowances, the calculated cycle will be 36 seconds. This is derived from (30 seconds x 1.20)= 36 seconds

Therefore, estimated production quantity per hour = (3600/36 ) = 100 pieces

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