How to Calculate no. of Machines, Working Days and Output Based on Order Quantity?

Question: How to calculate no. of machines, working days & output based on order quantity? ... asked by Modhu.

First, let me explain relationship between no. of machines, total working days and output for a particular order. Daily output of a production line is directly proportional to the no. of sewing machine used for production. And total working days required to complete an order is just reverse (provided factory works daily fixed hours). This means if you increase no. of sewing machines than no. of required days will reduce.

To calculate these parameters you can use following formula

#1. Daily projected output (A) = [(No. of machines in a line X Shift hours)/ (Garment SAH/line efficiency%)]X No. of lines

[Garment SAH = Garment SAM/60]

To calculate daily output you must have information of how many machines you will set to the line, Garment SAH (SAM/60) and Line efficiency. You may set multiple lines for production.

#2. Total working days (B) = Total order quantity / Daily output (A) 
(Daily output to be calculated including learning curve)

#3. No. of machines (C) = (Daily output required (A) X Garment SAH)/(Efficiency%X Shift hours)

From the above three formula now you can find relationship or calculate A, B and C from order quantity (OQ). But with garment SAM, Line efficiency and shift hours you must have data one of the above three parameters to calculate other two parameters.

#4. No. of machines (C) = (Order quantity (OQ) X Garment SAH)/(Efficiency% X Total working days (B)  X Shift hours)

#5. Total working days (B) = Order quantity (OQ) / Daily output (A) shown in #2

#6.  Daily projected output (A) = Order quantity (OQ) /Total working days (B)

For example, An order quantity of 12000, garment SAH 0.5, line efficiency 50% and shift hours 8. 
If factory has 50 (C) machines in a line and order is made on that line only then, A = 400 and B = 300
If factory produces 400 (A) pieces daily then, B=300 and C=50
If production duration is 300 days (B) then, C=50 and A=400

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