What Documents are Sent by Buyers First to Start Work with Garment Manufacturer?

Question: What documents are sent by a buyer to start work first, e.g. order sheets or some things else? Buyer first sends something to a buying house or manufacturer, by which we make the required garment? ... asked by Mustafizur Rahman

Order sheet is not been forwarded at first stage of communication between buyer / buying house to garment manufacturer. Only when it is a re-order, buyer sends directly production order sheet to its vendor. To start work with for new seasons or an order buyer start with product development (mostly known as sampling). For production development or sampling buyer may sent
  • Garment sample, 
  • Sketch of the garment, 
  • Tech pack which includes material specifications - such fabric and trim details,
  • Garment measurement sheet 
  • Embellishment details etc.

An manufacturer can do business with buyer directly or through buying houses. In case garment manufacturer deals directly with the buyer then obviously buyer will communicate everything directly to the manufacturer. In other case buyers communicate with buying house and buying house forward information to their selected/ buyer approved manufacturers. Similar ways production follow up with manufacturers is by buyer or buying house.

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