How to Plan Daily Line Output from Garment SAM?

You may need to find out target production of a line every day.

You can get this information from your IE. You can also estimate it yourself just having knowledge of a few figures. The scientific way of planning daily production or line output is to calculate estimated production from garment SAM.

You need information (figures) for the following parameters.
  • Day of production: In case you want to plan for the most appropriate production figure, you need to know the day of production. I mean, the no. of day after loading of the line. Due to learning curve on the initial days of line loading your line efficiency will be low compared to average line efficiency. If you just want to plan average production you consider average line efficiency%. 
  • Average line efficiency% on the day of the production: Use line efficiency for the production day according to the learning curve chart. 
  • No. of machine (manpower) allocated to the line 
  • Daily working hours 

The formula for the estimated production (daily) 
Production qty= (No. of operators * working hours per day * 60 * average line Efficiency%)/ Garment SAM

Example: Assume that you are making a style of 20 minutes SAM. And details of the above listed parameters are as the following
  • Day of production: 4 
  • Line Efficiency on day 4: 46% 
  • No. of operators: 32 
  • Daily working hours: 10 hours
Therefore estimated line output will be

= (32 * 10 *60*46%)/20 pieces
= 441.6 pieces or 442 pieces

How to make the calculation easy

You can make the above calculation easily by using the following steps. You don't need to work on excel sheet to find the planned production for the day. Just use the following steps and get the production figure. 
  1. Calculate total minutes per day per operator - 600 minutes (assume 10 hours a day working) 
  2. Calculate production per operator @ 100% - 600/20 pieces = 30 pieces 
  3. Calculate production per operator @ actual line efficiency - 30 * 50% (assume avg. line eff. is  50%) = 15 pieces
  4. Calculate production by the line of 32 operators - 15 pieces/ operator * 32 = 480 Pieces.

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