Daily Production Report Excel Template (Free Download)

The daily production report is one of the MIS tools for operation management used in the manufacturing industry. The report, I have shared here is an example of the garment manufacturing plant.

The production report is prepared at various levels and in various formats by different garment units. Daily production report is normally made department wise and a combined production report is made including the production of all major processes.

  1. Daily production report for stitching section, 
  2. Daily production report for cutting section
  3. Daily production report for finishing section
  4. Daily production report from cutting loading to order shipment 
Here I have shared daily production report formats (Excel file) with instructions. Download the same and modify it if you required it.

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Screenshots of the daily production report templates

1. Daily production report for cutting section
cutting production report
Daily cutting report

2. Daily production report for stitching section
Daily Stitching Production Report

3. Daily production report for the finishing section
finishing report
Daily Finishing Report
You can customize your production report depending on the processes you want to track. Capture the work loading quantity, processed quantity (production) and WIP level at the end of the day. You can also add manpower details (involved in the production in that section) in the same report as shown in the finishing report.

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