Automatic Overhead Material Handling Systems for Apparel Manufacturing

Overhead production systems are developed to reduce material handling by sewing operators and also to reduce material transportation. An overhead material handling and transportation system have many benefits over traditional material handling systems like centre tables and bundle trolleys.

Overhead Material Handling Systems

Some of the benefits of a UPS system are
  • No need for bundling garment components at the time of feeding
  • Needle time increased - in this system operators only sew garments, they don't need to open a bundle, pick up panels, dispose of panels, bundling stitched garments and transport (slide) bundle to next operator. Hence this system leads to improvement in labour (and machine) productivity.
  • Improved product quality
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Top 3 Automatic Overhead Material Handling system

In this post, I have shared Top 3 Automatic Overhead Material Handling system suppliers with videos. These systems are also known as a unit production system (UPS). As each hanger carry components of one garment. Click on the videos to watch.

1. Eton system: 

2. INA system

#3. Smart-MRT

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4. Euartex Overhead Material Handling System

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