How to determine number of sewing line needed for an order?

Question: How can I determine require number of lines from the value of order qty, SMV, Working hours and Days in hand to shipment? ... asked Nahid Hasan  

OCS's Answer:

To determine no. of sewing lines that are needed to complete an order on time following information is required.

1. Order Quantity
2. Garment SMV
3. Working Hours per day
4. Days in Hand for shipment
5. Line Efficiency and
6. No. of sewing machine installed in each line.

To find out number of sewing line follow below steps.

First step: 

Calculate daily production requirement. How many pieces to be produced per day using following formula: Daily production requirement = Order Quantity / Days in Hand

It is considered that days in hand are only for production not up to finishing and packing.

Second Step: 

Calculate capacity of your each line.
Line capacity = (No. of machines X Working hours X 60 X line efficiency%) / Garment SMV
Learning curve to be considered here.

Third Step: 

Divide daily production requirement by average line capacity to calculate number of lines to be set to complete production before production completion date.


Suppose, you received an order of 50,000 pieces of a style with 15 minute SMV.Your factory works for 8 hours day and you have 20 days production time in hand. You have 30 machines line which performs at 50% efficiency.

Step-1: Daily production requirement = 50,000 / 20 or 2500 pieces
Step-2: Capacity of the line = 30 *8*60*50%/15 = 480 pieces per day
Step-3: No. of lines = 2500/480 pieces =5 lines (5.2)

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