Therbligs and 18 Motions Name with Symbols

What is Therblig?

Therbligs refer primarily to the motions of the human body at the workplace and to the mental activities associated with them. Hand and Eye motions. The human body movements are divided into divisions of movements or group of movements for the micromotion study. These divisions of movements or groups of movements are known as Therbligs.

Micromotion study is done for operation with a very short cycle time that repeated many times.

The origin of the Therblig term is very interesting. Therblig is an anagram of Gilbreth (Frank B. Gilbreth), the founder of the motion study. The divisions of the human body movements (activity) were devised by Frank B. Gilbreth.

18 Motions of Therbligs, Symbols, Names, Abbreviation

Each therblig has a specific color, symbols and letter for recording purpose. The Therblig symbols (colored), the name of the motion and abbreviation (letter) are shown in the below chart.

Therbligs symbols, letter

Introduction to Workstudy, 3rd edition

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