What is GSD System?

Question: What is GSD system? How can I find SAM or SMVor Standard Time by GSD? How can I use GSD for my production? ...asked by Phakdey Keo

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What is GSD system?

General Sewing Data (GSD) is a PTS (Pre-determined Time Standards) based time measuring system. As per GSD official site GSD system can be explained as –
 “GSD provides a scientific, ethical and auditable approach to quantifying manufacturing methods, times and costs and accurately and consistently establishes International Standard Time for complete products (styles), or individual product components (features). GSD provides the ability to establish and quantify each step or operation in the manufacturing process”

How can I find SAM or SMV or Standard Time by GSD? 

First of all if you want to determine standard time (SAM or SMV) using GSD system, you have to purchase GSD. Once you purchase, GSD will provide you training on how to use the system, how to study sewing methods and measure standard time based on motion analysis and TMU value of each motion codes.

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How can I use it for my production?

There are multiple benefits of using GSD system. If you are concern about production, GSD system can help you meeting following goals
  • You can set standard time of your product (each individual job/operations) to measure and improve performance. 
  • For line capacity planning and line balancing based on standard time
  • In reducing operation cycle time by improving method through motion analysis
  • You also can standardize your method across the production line.

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