What are the Differences Between Trims and Accessories?

Question: What are the differences between Trims and Accessories? Give me an example of 5 trims and 5 accessories. ... asked by Miteb Reza

Trims and Accessories
Trims and accessories are those materials that are used in a garment other than the main fabric (shell fabric). Even lining materials (fabrics)fall under trims and accessories.

At first, when we read or heard these two terms, it seems that trims and accessories may refer to two different types/ kinds/ categories of materials. One term may be used as functional components and others term is used for non-functional and decorative purpose. But this is an assumption.

I referred a book (Apparel Manufacturing by Glock and Kunz) and found following definitions 

Accessories: Item that enhances the aesthetic appeal or function of a garment including belt, scarves or other objects.

Trims: Materials used to ornament or enhance garments. 

The above definitions are fine when those are used as individual form. What happened when these terms used as “trims and accessories” in garment manufacturing industry?

To know actual meaning and difference between these two terms I picked few production files from a factory. I have gone through documents such as,

  1. Garment techpack/ specification sheet that was made by merchants and designers from buyer end, 

  2. Bill of materials made by factory merchants using well known ERP system 

  3. Accessory approval sheets and Trim cards made by factory merchants, 

  4. Accessory received notes made by stores 

I found both terms in those documents. Where one document used the term “trims” the other one used “accessories” and both mean the same list of materials. Some document use these terms as "Trims/ Accessories". Based on this study, I would say there is no difference between trims and accessories, when these terms are used in garment manufacturing.

Still if you know something different and want to share your thought or different views with us please drop your comments. Use the following comment box post your feedback.

Example of Trims and Accessories

As we have come to know that there is no such difference between trims and accessories, I am listing 10 trims/accessories for example.

  1. Sewing thread 
  2. Buttons 
  3. Zippers 
  4. Lace/tape 
  5. Labels 
  6. Rivets 
  7. Lining fabrics
  8. fusing material
  9. Elastic
  10. Crochet 

Prasanta Sarkar

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