How to Get Training on General Sewing Data (GSD)?

Frequently we receive inquiry on “how to get training on General sewing data (GSD) and where IEs can do certification course for GSD?”

I didn't have right answer before so I told them to contact directly to GSD, UK. 
(GSD now named as GSD cost and this is owned by Coats Digital). 

Today, I visited GSD stall in Garment Technology Expo 2012 held in New Delhi to get the right answer for this question. In India, garment manufacturers recently started using of standard time in labor costing, production planning, work measurement and in designing incentive scheme. Manufacturers even employed engineers to set standard time and get benefit from it. But they don’t have any system to calculate standard time. This is a real concern to be looked in.

At the GSD stall, I had a brief discussion with Mr. Jeevananda of DMS, a representative of GSD system. I asked him how young engineers can get training on GSD codes and its application to set standard time for a garment? Is there any certification course for engineers on GSD system?

Sorry guys, according to Mr. Jeevananda, GSD only gives training to the employees (Industrial engineers) who purchase GSD systems. Another way to get certification on GSD is get in touch with GSD, UK office for a training as GSD practitioner.

The GSD practitioner training includes comprehensive exposure to the GSD codes, times and application rules – and theoretical and practical visualisation exercises reinforce the need for accurate and consistent Work Measurement, continuous improvement and adherence to the industrial engineering guidelines laid down by the International Labour Organisation, Geneva.

In India garment manufacturers can contact to iigm to get details about the GSD services. In Sri Lanka garment manufacturers can get in touch with DMS to know more about GSD services and training program.

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