Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – A Process Management Tool for the Garment Factories

Standard operating procedure (SOP) is not a new thing for the garment industry. The SOP is well known and is widely used by many organized factories.

SOP can be defined as a step-by-step written procedure about how to do a job that gives the desired result and maintains consistency in results. SOP can also be defined as a checklist for the user (operator) who is going to do a particular job. An SOP is a sure success method of doing a job. 

More than just written instructions SOP can be also made using illustrations and flow charts. For some processes factory only needs to provide detailed instructions to perform a task, where some processes required instruction as well as decision making based on the result of intermediate steps.

This article has been published in Perfect Sourcing Magazine (Issue: August-2013). 

Snapshot of the published article.

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