Operation Breakdown and Machine Layout for Bra Manufacturing

Please post an article on operation breakdown and machine layout of a standard bra. I was unable to find anything on the Internet. ... asked by Isuru.

The following operation breakdown of a bra refers to a particular style. Note that, SAM values of the operations may vary according to the style, seam length, attachment and work aids used and machine type.

Prior to use below mentioned SAMs and operation sequence, discuss it with your engineers. I have attached the machine layout of bra making in an assembly line. To improve machine utilization few operations are clubbed together. 

Operation Breakdown: Bra  

1 Join Cups 0.57 SNLS
2 Attach Tape to Cups 0.73 DNLS
3 attach Elastic to side cups 0.44 3SZZ
4 Set support Panels 0.39 SNLS
5 Serge support panels 0.62 3TOL
6 Join support panels, cup and front 1.52 SNLS
7 Attach coverstitch tape to front 0.61 DNLS
8 Join backs to cups 0.55 SNLS
9 Attach coverstitch tape to sides 0.47 DNLS
10 Attach lace and tape to cups 0.76 DNLS
11 Attach elastic to band 0.90 ZZ
12 Attach upper elastic & straps  0.91 3SZZ
13 Cover support panels edges 0.54 3TOL
14 Attach hooks and eyes to straps 1.39 SNLS
15 Set eye to back 0.36 ZZ
16 Set hook to back 0.50 SNLS
17 Attach trimming to front 0.25 SNLS
18 Trim thread and inspect 1.00 MAN
Total SAM 12.51

Full name of the sewing machine

SNLS: Single Needle Lock Stitch machine
DNLS: Double Needle Lock stitch machine
3TOL: 3 thread overlock / overedge sewing machine
ZZ: Zig-zag sewing machine (3S for 3 stitches)

MAN: Manual work

Machine Layout for Bra making

In the machine layout figure, operation sequence numbers and machine name have been mentioned.
Line layout

Source: Flexible manufacturing system by Hugo L. Rubinfeld

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