Roles of Industrial Engineers in Garment Production Management

Read that post to know more on job responsibility of an engineer in the production management in the garment industry.

Roles of an industrial engineer

Recently I had a discussion with a couple of engineers and I learned that engineers have a bigger role in managing manufacturing processes rather than the daily use of IE tools. In the daily schedule, they do constant monitoring of all production processes and lot more as below
  1. Recruitment of sewing operators through the standard test (operator skill test).
  2. Evaluation of existing production target and fix a new production target. 
  3. Extend work measurement in other processes like cutting section and finishing section.
  4. Constant control of direct labour cost.
  5. Data analysis and look into monthly trends of each KPIs 
  6. Preparing daily production reports, Monthly improvements reports with graphical presentation.
  7. Time study and updating time study database including videos on a constant basis.
  8. Research on motion study and implementation of the better system to eliminate excess motions.
  9. Research on new machinery and the latest systems that meet companies long term goal and preparing cost-benefit analysis and ROI for the same.
  10. Initiative on lean manufacturing, learning of lean tools and looking for the scope of implementation.
  11. Research and development for samples prior to production start.    
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There are much more activities for which engineers are responsible. If any project is being implemented in a factory related to production engineers lead the project.

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