How to Calculate Fabric Consumption of Knitted Garment

Now using CAD system you can calculate fabric consumption in a minute and with better accuracy. But when you don’t have a CAD you can still measure average fabric consumption of knitted garment using following steps. To do so, pre-requisites are garment patterns, fabric to be used for the style and a weighing balance.

  1. Develop patterns for your style with seam allowance. Consider a size of the garment that is in the middle of the size range. Normally it is the medium size (for size range XXS to XXL). If you wish you can calculate consumption for all sizes separately.  

  2. Lay single layer of fabric on cutting table. In case you don’t have production fabric, lay fabric of similar GSM and width of the production fabric. (Note: fabric width can be set according to actual marker width).

  3. Create marker for single garment (medium size) with developed patterns. Cover fabric width as much as possible.

  4. Cut fabric as per marker length. You can cut fabric of multiple markers for better accuracy and width coverage.

  5. CAD Mini Marker
  6. Now, weigh fabric in a digital weighing balance to find average fabric consumption of your style. If you use multiple markers calculate average fabric consumption by dividing no. of markers that are used. Add wastage (in percentage) for end bits, end losses, and fabric defects. You got consumption of your knitted garment.

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