What is Man to Machine Ratio in the Garment Industry?

The man to machine ratio is an important KPI in the manufacturing sector. The same is applied in apparel manufacturing. In this post, I will explain the term man to machine ratio, its importance and method of calculating man to machine ratio.

What is the man to machine ratio?

Man to machine ratio is defined as the total workforce in a factory to the total number of operational sewing machines.

Man to machine ratio widely varies depending on the on the organization structure. If a factory has only production related departments (cutting, sewing, maintenance, quality and IE) then this ratio will be low. On the other hand, if a factory includes the department of design & development, sampling to finishing to shipment and documentation then this ratio will be high.

How to calculate Man to machine ratio?

To measure Man Machine Ratio (MMR) of a factory -

  • First, find how many employees are there (include all manpower).
  • Second, Count how many sewing machines are there. Consider only operational machines that are being used in a current month (data analysis month)

For example,
  1. If total manpower is 1000 and the total available machine is 500. Then Man:Machine = 1000:500 = 2:1
  2. If total manpower is 800 and the total available machine is 500. Then Man:Machine = 800:500 = 1.6:1 

How calculate department wise ratio? 

Instead of whole factory manpower, one can measure MMR only for sewing department. In this case, include only those employees who work under the sewing section. Like, operators, helpers, pressmen, feeder, line checker, table checkers, line supervisors, work-study boys, maintenance personnel, production writer, floor incharge etc. Assume that total manpower in sewing floor is 630. So man to machine ratio for sewing floor will be = 630:500 = 1.26:1 

For further analysis, factories represent MMR department wise. 
To show you calculation I have taken hypothetical data for department wise manpower. Factory has a total machine of 500 and 1000 manpower. 

Total manpower (1000) = Sewing (D1=630)+Cutting (D2=30) + Pre-production (D3=80)+Finishing and packing (D5=100)+Quality (D6=30) +Administration and marketing (D7=100)+ store (D8=20) + others (D10=10) 

Factory MMR =2:1 

Department wise division of manpower ratio out of total ration against machines is calculated as

Sum of (D1:D2:D3:D4....:D10) = 2 
D5 =2*100/1000=0.2 

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