Sewing Process Flow Chart for Crew Neck T-Shirt

It is always easier to understand a picture than just description. How to make a T-shirt can be explained many times but students learnt it completely when they see it in the production floor. A process flow chart gives them the logic how operations follow sequence one after another.

A sewing process flow chart has been depicted in the following figure to guide learners how a T-shirt is being made in a bulk production system. It is assumed that T-shirt has neck tape (fabric bias cut tape). The process flow is also showing the sequence of operations that are generally being followed. Some factory may have a slightly varied sequence.

A crew neck T-shirt has six components – Front, Back, Neck rib or Collar, Neck tape and two sleeves. In the figure, on the top four sections of the garment component have been shown. The arrows show the flow of operations and inside the red circles, the operation sequence number and the name of the operations are written.

Figure: Sewing Process flow for a T-Shirt

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