Different Kind of Material Handling Systems Used in the Garment Industry

Material handling system plays an important role in improved material flow and increasing production performance in the readymade garment industry. If you ever visited a garment factory, you might have seen various kind of material handling equipment used by them. In this post I’ll be discussing different types of material handling systems found in the readymade garment industry.

Pfaff Industrial Expanded its Machine Range within Jeans Sector

In jeans manufacturing demand for automation is on the rise, with focus on quality and steady output. Pfaff Industrial, a Germany based sewing machine manufacturer recently launched their new automatic sewing machines for jeans to meet the industry demand.

Furniture Needed for Setting up a Garment Factory (Garment Industry Furniture)

A house is incomplete without some furniture. Similarly a garment factory is incomplete without having necessary furniture. Furniture is necessity for a garment factory. To make the factory infrastructure you need various kind of and various size of furniture like working table, material storage, means of material transportation and more. Factory uses a lot of furniture to perform day to day activities.

Sustainable Labour Costing and its Impact on the Apparel Industry

This is a guest contribution from Charm Rammandala. The purpose of this article is to discuss what labour costing is and its importance to the sustainability of apparel manufacturing industry and image of the retail industry.

How to Calculate Lead Time of an Apparel Export Order

In the apparel export business, garment exporters get lead time from buyer’s end for shipping finished garment. Sometimes buyer gives fixed lead time for their orders or buyer asks suppliers to decide best possible lead time and they mutually agree a date for shipment. Shipment lead time may vary depending on order volume and product line. This post covers what does lead time means to a supplier and how to calculate lead time for an order.

4 Benefits of Inline Thread Cutting in Garment Factories

In traditional production system, sewing operators used to stitch garments only, they are not used to trim thread tails after stitching. Stitched garments with threads are sent to finishing section and in finishing section helpers are employed for thread trimming. In recent years it is understood by many readymade garment manufacturers that thread trimming is a non-value added process and this process can be eliminated.

Computer Advancement for Quality Garments

Fashion is on the cutting edge of technology. The garment industry has long recognized the benefits of blending tech and style to create clothing that is functional, stylish, versatile, and futuristic. Wearable technology is part-device and part-fashion. And, the future promises clothing that can power phones, doesn’t require regular washing, and is wrinkle-resistant and environmentally friendly. In order for the garment industry to keep up with technology, it must implement the right tools to create these cutting edge garments and stay relevant as society becomes more tech-driven.

What is ‘Thread Average’ and Who Gives Thread Average to a Merchandiser?

In the apparel industry merchandisers often use this term. When they ask for thread average for a particular garment style (design), they wants to know how many yards of threads will be consumed during stitching one garment. What does thread average mean? See the definition below.

Garment Industry and Blogging

This is totally a different topic than my regular posts. As you may already know OCS is a blog site and I am running this site for 5 years. Based on my observation I feel something is missing in garment industry. Garment and apparel business have not yet considered blogging platform as a marketing tool. In this post I will walk you through few things about blogging and business blogging. You will learn about blogging,  benefits of business blogging, content development, internet marketing, and why garment industry need blogging.

Best Quality Cotton and Parameters Used in Measuring Cotton Quality

An OCS reader asked these questions “I would like to know about (1) best quality of cotton and (2) which parameters affect on measurement of quality. (3) Which is best quality cotton for men and women underwear’s? (4) What is GSM? (5) What is Yarn? (6) Which factors should be considered for the selection of Cotton underwear garment?”