Key Factors for Controlling Product Quality in Garment Industry

Making quality garment has become prime motto to many garment manufacturing companies. Based on my experience working in the garment manufacturing industry for many years, I have observed that now-a-days export garment manufacturers are more concerned about product quality compared earlier days.

While you are working on quality systems, it is very important to know the major factors that affect product quality. Secondly you need to maintain quality of the product what exactly buyer are looking from a supplier. In this article I have emphasized key quality factors that affect product quality in garment manufacturing.

Which Industrial Sewing Machine Brands are Popular in Garment Manufacturing? (Based on Online Survey)

I am often asked by readers that which machine brand they should buy for their factory. I suggest them some machine brands that are good based on my opinion. But selection of machines depends of machine types, product profile, investment capability etc. Also there is limitation for selecting brands for special sewing machines. As, few brands only make special machines when others make basic to special sewing machines. Few brands are too much costlier compared to other brands. I mean to say that there are number of criteria to select machine brand for you factory.

Sometimes I feel that why should you go for the brand selection only as per my recommendation. You should know others opinion also. To know others' opinion across the globe we have conducted a poll on last month on 'Which sewing machine brands you are using in your factories?'. We did not asked which machine brands are good compared to other brands. Just asked what all machines they have in their shop floor.

Difference between Sampling Merchandiser and Production Merchandiser

You might hear merchandising job profile. In garment manufacturing merchandisers play very important role. You might also hear the term ‘Sampling Merchandiser’ and ‘Production Merchandiser’. Do you know the differences between these two job profiles are?

Though there are no fixed rules for job responsibilities of these two job profiles. We can draw difference between a sampling merchant and a production merchant based on day to day activities performed by them.

Normally small size garment manufacturing companies don't employ different merchandisers for such different roles for sampling and production activities. All activities are looked after by the same merchant. So they are not given such name as sampling merchant or production merchant. In medium and large size garment manufacturing companies, different teams are found for sampling activities and production related activities. Even some companies have separate set-up or office for sampling. 

How to Deal with Cutting Mistakes in Garment Manufacturing?

This post is written to answer the question asked by an OCS reader. 
There is lot of human intervention in cutting room activities. As a result so many mistakes are happening in cutting activities. How to deal with such mistakes in cutting department? The common problems that we face due to mistakes of workers in cutting are 
  • Delay in cutting process
  • Excess manpower requirement
  • Excess power consumption
  • Wastage of fabrics and other materials 
  • Increased cutting backlogs 
In a single sentence, mistakes in cutting department increases production cost per piece and the recovering process is always frustrating. 

How to Calculate Production Target and Worker’s Bonus on Initial Days of Production Start?


Many of my orders are of 5,000- 22,000 pieces per style. My sewing line's output is around 1,200 pieces per day. So styles are finished within 1 -2 weeks and need to change style. In the first week of loading a style operators are not familiar with style and they learn in this period. So the time measurement is not correct to be a reference. Then in second week reference can be measured accurately but almost the styles get finished.

How can I set the target and bonus more adequate in this situation? Bonus amount should be attractive to workers and also fair to factory. Workers work on hourly wage.