Coats eComm Online Thread Ordering Tool by Coats

Coats is one of the leading thread manufacturing companies in apparel industry. Recently Coats has developed Coats eComm to improve thread ordering process and making thread sourcing task easier for garment sewing businesses.

In sewing operations having the right thread and accessories available just when one needs them is vital. Coats eComm now makes thread ordering easier and faster than ever. Coats eComm is linked with Coats SAP system in real time to reduce the order fulfillment time. Factories can now place thread orders anytime, anywhere in the way they want with their own data convention.

Improving Productivity in the Garment Industry – Valuable resources for Factory Owners and Garment Industry Professionals

Productivity is one of the performance measuring tools widely used by garment production houses. By improving productivity of your factory you can reduce per piece production cost, improve factory capacity and reduce your production lead time. If you are not yet started working on improving your factory productivity, start improving it now. Otherwise it will be late and you will lose potential earnings.

Labor productivity can be improved various ways. Some of the productivity improvement methods are discussed in this article.

No need to mention that garment manufacturers are facing challenges on production cost, producing quality products, labor shortage and shorter delivery time. To beat these challenges you don’t have choice other than improving labor productivity of the factory.

Interesting Things I Learned in Year 2014

I hope you had a great year 2014. I don’t know how much value I have been delivered to you through my writings and sharing information in this blog. Sometimes you may be taken to different topics that you didn't bother to read and learn, though my focus was to provide you enough doses of knowledge. Many topics were written on basic information for beginners.

It was a great year to me though I have missed many opportunities of learning and visiting new client factories. This article is written to share with you about my learning in 2014. Some of my learning are mentioned here.

Entering into Garment Manufacturing Business - An Entrepreneur’s Journey

This is our second post on the ‘Entrepreneur’s Story’.

We have interviewed Debolina Mukherjee, the owner and director of Stripe Blue. Stripe Blue is the name of her garment manufacturing company that is specialized in uniform manufacturing.

Debolina had a good corporate job. But she was not happy with her job and was looking for something to do by her own. Finally she found what she liked to do and started her business in garment manufacturing 5 years ago. When Debolina started her workshop she did not has expertise in garment manufacturing. Now she has taken her business into next level. Though she thinks that she needs to learn many things to manage her business well and she is learning continuously.

Pro-SMV a Tool to Establish Standard Time (SAM) for Apparel Products

"There can be no management without measurement”.
Your success depends on your ability to produce efficiently this can be helped by having accurate standard times and the best possible method of doing the job!

Pro-SMV- Professional Standard Minute Value is a system to establish international standard times designed exclusively for the Apparel industry. This system is designed by Methods Apparel Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd and is based on MTM-2

eBooks on Textile Fabrics by Priyank Goyal (for Merchandisers)

Fabric is the basic raw material in garment manufacturing. But it is very difficult for beginners to find reading materials on fabrics.  Priyank Goyal, an alumni from NIFT, has written and published 4 books (eBook) for merchandisers in the apparel industry. He wrote these books to fill the knowledge gap up on fabrics for the garment industry. If you like to improve your knowledge on fabrics, read following books.

Kindle edition of these books are available in Amazon store. He also writes blog on My Textile Notes. In the following I have listed eBooks and added brief about what you get inside these books. You can purchase these books (Kindle edition/eBook) by clicking following book covers.

5 Software to Establish Garment SAM (SMV)

In the apparel industry, knowing the correct Standard Minute of a product is very important for many reasons. There are mechanisms for determining product SAM other than software, like Work Sampling and Time Study. But time and motion study based calculations took longer time to establish standard time for a garment. Secondly, there is always a question of getting correct SAM established by Time Study and operator performance rating.

To get rid of these issues leading garment manufacturers are adopting SAM calculation Software. With quick Standard Minute establishing, most of these software products help in calculating direct labor cost and CMT price; setting up standard sewing methods and improve production methods.

In this post I will share leading SAM calculation software products. All the following products are developed from Methods Time Measurement (MTM) and known as PMTS database.

A Journey of an Entrepreneur in Clothing Retail Business

This is an interview post.

I interviewed Anuradha Sharma, an alumni from NIIFT and now an entrepreneur in clothing retail.

Anuradha has  worked as a consultant with a leading Gurgaon based apparel consultancy who works internationally for improving garment industry. She has a rich experience of over 5 years in providing training and implementation facilitation in quality improvement in numerous apparel export houses.
This interview is conducted to understand how she had setup her successful business in a short period of time and what are the key points she can share with newcomers who like to start retail business in clothing line. She established her business in the name of Suvastra in 2012.
She sources finished products from artisans and wholesalers and sells those products in her retail outlet in Rishikesh. Her product range covers mainly Indian Ethnic wear and accessories for women.

15 Most Popular Posts of 2014

At the beginning of the new year, let me share the most popular posts of 2014. If you missed any of these posts, read it now by clicking on the following post titles.

We have learned many things in 2014 by reading OCS and expecting to improve your learning experience in 2015.

Pros and Cons of Setting up Garment SAM Higher than Standard Time

In the previous post we have discussed about estimating garment SAM [1] based on IE’s experience. In the experience based SAM calculation method, you know that there is possibility of getting low/high garment SAM than the actual standard time.

But what happens when factory sets up garment SAM higher than Standard time intentionally?

Read this post to learn Pros and Cons of setting up garment SAM higher than the standard time.

You might be thinking why should one use to show increased SAM? If you don’t aware about this fact, this is for your information that such practice exists in the garment industry. I learned this two years ago. In one of my factory visit, I had questioned the IE manager of the company on the SAM which seems higher for the specific product. IE Manager disclosed that the SAM figure on the OB sheet is set higher for buyers.