How to Reduce Manpower (Helpers) in Garment Factories

garment factory cutting department

To become competitive and increase profit in manufacturing business resources like manpower should be utilized as max as possible. In business term, extra manpower means extra cost to company. In such situation management must find a way for cost cutting through manpower reduction wherever possible.

What do mean by Work Study in Apparel Manufacturing?

work study

When we think of 'work study' in garment industry we relate it with most of activities done by industrial engineering department. As the two major activities of work study - method study and time study is solely done by industrial engineering department. Also known as work study department.

Why You Need a Cut-Planning and Roll-Planning Software?

cut planning to save cost
The production cycle in an export garment factory starts with the buyer placing an order with the exporter. The order consists of the garment style specifications, dimension specifications, fabric details, size set and order quantity. The order quantity further consists of one single order or multiple orders; single destination or multiple destinations; single colour or multi-colour fabric; and further a single packing ratio or individual packing ratio for each order for the same style of garment.

8 Lessons I Learned from Working in an Apparel Export House

I have written this blog post for newcomers. Every year thousands of students passed out from colleges, schools and fashion institutes and join to the main stream of fashion product manufacturing. Some of those join garment manufacturing.

Find a Pantone Colour Reference Online

 pantone colour
You might already know what the Pantone Colour is. In fashion and home textile printing we follow a colour standard to match required print colour shade. The standard that is mostly used for colour matching in fashion and home is PANTONE colour matching system. We follow the colour printed on Pantone chips for reference. 

Research on Fashion Industry - The Path of Survival

 by Arnab Sen
Whenever we talk about fashion, we seem to discuss about something that is very light and happening! Can there be anything serious about fashion?

How to Calculate Garment SAM from Historical Data

This question was asked by an OCS fan. I have replied to her query. I thought to share my answer to this question with you as this is a common query comes from industrial engineers working in readymade garment industry. I have edited little bit the actual mail reply to make it presentable.

Garmentech Bangladesh, Dhaka 13-16 January, 2016

Garmentech Bangladesh, 15th International apparel machinery trade show, will be held in Dhaka from 13th January to 16 January, 2016.

ITMA 2015 Sustainable Innovation Award Winners

ITMA 2015 is over. Many latest development in textile and apparel machines in different processes are displayed in this exhibition.

ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award was part of this exhibition. The winners were announced on 12 November at the ITMA 2015 Gala Dinner in Milan.

What is End Bits and End Loss in Cutting in Apparel Industry?

There are so many things and so many terms used in apparel manufacturing process. End bits and end loss terminologies are associated with cutting section in a garment manufacturing plant.

While experts talk about fabric saving, and improving cutting room performance, they eye to these losses as fabric waste.