Kaizen and Its Importance in Our Lives

When we talk about LEAN management, Kaizan is one of the first word we all remember and discuss. In this article, let’s try to understand what kaizan really is and how it can be practically used to improve the working conditions and more importantly individual job satisfaction.

How to Convert Fabric Price from per Yard to per Kg?

Question: Could you please help me to know the basic formula of conversion of fabric price from per yard to price per Kg? For example, I got price of a fabric as Price : $ 1.28/Yd, Weight : 140 gsm and Width : 60 inch. Now I need this same fabric price in per kilogram basis. Could you please show me to how to convert it? .. asked by an OCS reader.

The 5 WHY – A Simple Process to Understand any Problem (Root cause analysis)

It is often thought that a concept such as LEAN needs either extensive studies or training to be any good at it. So we leave it to so called consultants to come and teach and train us on lean management and lean principles. While consultants can certainly help with their extensive knowledge and training on the subject, we don’t necessarily have to wait for somebody to teach us on the basic principles and basic tools of lean to start benefiting from it.

Health Benefits of Sewing (Infographic)

Do you know there are many health benefits of sewing activity, along with other crafting type hobbies like knitting, painting, drawing etc? Clinical studies have proved this. Read it to know more.

Here I am sharing one good infographic on 'Health benefits of sewing' made by terryfabrics.co.uk.
This infographic is submitted by Francesca

What is Knit down?

Knit down is a sample of knit fabric pattern of dyed yarns (may be a check or stripe pattern) used for color approval as well as pattern approval. (e.g. Sweater or any other knitted fabric made of dyed yarns). Suppliers develop knit downs in knitting mills, and match the pattern prior to submitting the knit down to buyer. Colors of the dyed yarns may be approved prior to knitting (in yarn dyeing stage). Buyer request for knit down to their suppliers or mills to submit it and take approval before production run.

What is Strike-off?

What is strike-off in apparel sourcing in sample development stage?
The specimen or swatch submitted to buyer for print colors approval is known as print strike-off or simply strike-off. During sample development or prior to production printing, suppliers develop these strike-offs from a printer (printing house). For strike-off sample printing, actual production fabric and actual base color is used. Like lab dip approval process, supplier internally matches colors of print design in light box prior to submitting strike-offs.

What is Lab Dip?

Lab dip is a specimen of dyed fabric or yarns prepared for color approval. Prior to bulk fabric dyeing lab dip approval is taken from buyer. Apparel brands evaluate fabric color visually using a light box and/or digitally using the spectrophotometer. Apparel supplier gets lab dips developed from dyeing mills and they send lab dip to the buyer for color approval.

7 Must Read Books for Industrial Engineers (Beginners and Experts)

You can learn new things and become smart in your job – (1) by doing a professional course and undergoing training, or (2) by reading subject books and applying the learning in work or (3) by working on the job under expert guidance. Out of these you have full freedom to learn when you choose to read books. In this post I will share must read books those will help you in improving your knowledge while working as Industrial Engineer (work study officer) in the ready-made garment industry.

Use of Thread Trimming Machine in Garment Manufacturing

Thread trimming is one of the common processes in industrial apparel manufacturing. Cutting threads from stitched garments prior to garment finishing is a non-value added but unavoidable process. Number of helpers are hired for thread trimming job in garment factories. Manual thread trimming is time consuming and all trimmed threads can't be removed permanently from garments.

Lean Beyond Manufacturing Floor - A Case Study on Apparel Industry

This is a guest contribution from Charm Rammandala. 
Lean manufacturing is being a popular topic in the apparel industry for the last 30 years. Most companies initiate lean management by implementing 5S at the beginning and then move on to other tools such as kanban, Kaizan, Muda and PDCA so on, depending on the understanding on what is LEAN and the objectives they set. However, one noticeable fact on all most all manufactures are, they implement lean only to the manufacturing plant. Maximum they would go as far as lean is concern is to implement 5S in the administration office.