What size of needle used in t-shirt stitching?

In t-shirt stitching needle number 9 (DB9) is normally used. This needle size also known as size 65 in European system. For stitching on joints where more fabric bulk is there needle number 10 (DB10)/70 is used. When selecting a needle for t-shirt stitching, you need to take care of needle point as well. Use ball point needle to avoid need cut.

This needle size is suitable for medium thickness of fabrics (e.g., 180 GSM jersey fabric).

For making t-shirts knits fabric is used. There are chances of needle cut (cutting yarns in the fabric) if a sharp point and thick needle is used. If there are needle cut in the seam line after coupe of washing the t-shirt.

Though this topic is discussed the needle size specific to t-shirt stitching, same thing applied to other knitted items that are made of knits fabric with similar thickness. Like knitted tops, knits leggings, shorts, etc.

Sewing needle selection for knits apparel stitching

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