What is the Difference Between SAM and SMV?

I have been often asked this question - What is the difference between SAM and SMV? by industrial engineers.

They expect me to explain them the correct answer. To be honest, this question was also in my mind for a long time. But didn't have correct answer. I didn't argue with it like many other engineers and use both terms as same. Even many readers of this site asked me the same question again and again. But I delayed posting the answer as I did not have right answer earlier.

I found one article in a magazine Stitch World,where Prof. Prabir Jana and Paul Collyer explained the difference between Standard Allowed Minute (SAM) and Standard Minute Value (SMV). I found it is very interesting and I think what they said is real fact. So I’m sharing it with you.

In the article, authors explained the difference as:
“There are three schools of thoughts:
First, both are same; 
Second, SAM is an extension of SMV; and 
Third, SAM and SMV are completely different measures.

In all work study books there is only a reference to Standard Time. SMV and SAM are neither defined nor mentioned. In American published books SAM is mentioned, while in European published books SMV is mentioned. Similarly, factories in Asia which are under the influence of European consultants use the term SMV, while factories in South America which are under the influence of American consultants use the term SAM.

When SAM is used as an extension to SMV, i.e. it is the allocated time for a task rather than the measured time. SAM is SMV plus policy allowances, if any. It is worth mentioning that these calculations are from experienced experts and consultants and not from any text book.

While in earlier schools of thoughts, units for both are in minutes, the third school of thought (but not really used in garment industry) talks about completely different things. Standard Allowed Minutes means time (in minutes) that is assigned to a specific operation after doing time study or using PMTS. While Standard Minute Value means the Cost Factor (in cost/minute) that is multiplied with SAM to get the cost of the operation.”

What do you think? Do you have something else in your mind? If yes, then speak it out and post your thought in the following comment box.

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