Operations, Seams and Sewing Machines Database for Basic Products now on the Web

Updated on Feb. 25, 2016:

updated screen from Juki website

I always feel that I should have knowledge about all sewing machines need to make garments covering all products. 

But it is not easy to keep in mind when I am not a sewing machine supplier or distributor. Even I am not making all types of garments in my factory. 

What should I do if somebody asked me for a list of machines for basic apparel products? 

Now I got one.

As an engineer (IE) you may be good at garment constructions, seams to be used for various operations, and machinery needed to make a garment. 

On the other hand, if you are asked for details about seams, operations, and machines requirements for products that you have not made before you may try to contact your friends or machine suppliers for information. I am sure you will have difficulty managing it quickly.

But don’t worry; now it is there on the web for free access. 

Juki had added a reference list (sewing machines database sorted by typical usage) for basic items like, Shirt, Jacket, Pants, Jeans, Polo, Tee Shirt, Bra, Panties etc. 

It is just one click away to get a sketch of the product, operation list, seam types, and list of machines.  that can be used to do that operation. A screenshot of the web-based database has been shown below. A screenshot is taken from the Juki site. 

Juki Sewing machines database - item list
Screenshot is taken from Juki webpage

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