Questions & Answers #4

1. Mahid asked: I'm a student of BBA from Dhaka City College. I want to establish my career as quality controller in garment Industry but I have no idea how to do that. So I badly need a QC or QA instruction manual book which is very helpful to me. How can I get this book free?

Answer: You can get buyer's quality manual for free. These quality manuals are generally available with apparel buying houses and garment manufacturing unit. Secondly, you can read free on Google books. But to read good books on quality you have to purchase few books that you can be purchased from online book stores: I have added two valuable books on quality related to garment industry. You can refer these books.

1. Managing Quality in the Apparel Industry (Hardcover) by P. V. Mehta
2. Quality Is Free: The Art of Making Quality Certain  by Philip Crosby

2. Indrajit Asked: Can a B. Tech (in Textile Engineering) enter into garment industry? If yes, which field should one select?

Answer: Yes you can start your career in garment industry. Garment Industry is a better option as a professional career for B.Tech (Textile Engineers). Primary options are like - Fabric sourcing, Testing Labs, Fabric technologist or Quality Control. You can join in apparel buying houses, garment manufacturing or in testing labs.

3. Arif asked: Hello, I need the detail calculation for line balancing in garments factories. I will really appreciate if you send this to me.

Answer: I am not sure what kind of 'line balancing calculation' you are looking for. I have posted two articles on line balancing as following. In the first article I have shown details of calculation. This procedure is used at the time of manpower calculation and task allocation. Second article will help you to balance a line hourly basis. Hope this will help you to find your answers. If you need something else then please write us again with extra information.
  1. How to do Line balancing using Operator Skill History?
  2. How to Balance a Traditional Sewing line?

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