Sewing Operator Incentive Schemes and Technology Solutions

A print magazine, Perfect Sourcing has published one of my articles in May 2013 Issue. 

The article has covered various incentive system for sewing operators, number of reasons why performance incentive is important for running the business profitably. I have also discussed reasons why some business owners have not yet implemented incentive systems in their factories. And finally, I have shown technology solutions to have a fair incentive system for sewing operators.

Garment manufacturers are continuously facing cost pressure due to slowdown of business in the major markets like US and EU and increasing labor wages. It is becoming tougher to run the show smoothly as every garment exporter is facing challenges and is looking for solutions. One of the primary solutions is working on labour productivity and there are a number of ways to meet this goal. In this article we have discussed one of the ways that not only improve your labour productivity but also increase savings. 

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