What is TMU in Time and Motion Study?

TMU stands for Time Measuring Unit.  In Methods Time measurement (MTM) system, a predetermined time is given to each motion. In motion study the time for each basic element is given in units of TMU.

How many TMU is equal to one seconds and one minute?

Conversion of TMU to hours, minute and second

   1 TMU = 0.000010 hr = 0.00060 minute = 0.036 second

Or conversely

          1 second = 27.78 TMU
          1 minute = 1667 TMU
          1 hour = 100,000 TMU

Application of TMU in the apparel industry

For establishing the standard time (SAM) of sewing operations by using the PMTS system, motion codes are applied for each motion (movements) and each motion carries time in TMU. In Standard time calculation, initially, standard time is measured and calculated in TMU. Later the total TMU is converted into minutes.

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