Work aids and equipments for garment manufacturing industry

To facilitate worker in doing their jobs most efficiently number of readymade and customized work aids and equipment are being used in the garment industry. Especially work aids are designed for material handling, folding etc. In the following some of the basic work aids are listed those are used in shirt making factory in Raw material warehouse, cutting department, sewing floor and finishing department.

Raw material warehouse:
Fabric trolley
Fabric roll fork lift

Cutting Department:
Fabric roll Stand (Movable and fixed)
Layer weight
Cloth Clamp
Bakers Trolley
Waste disposal trolley

Sewing room:
Disposal basket
Sewing machine table extension (left/right/front)
Hunch back
Single slopping table
Profile for collar and cuff run stitch
Various types of Attachments, folders, hemmers and guides

Finishing Department:
Wire mesh WIP trolley
Hanger stand
Hanger trolley
Carton transfer trolley

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