Machineries used for Garment Sewing in Mass Production

Most of the clothes we wear are sewn by sewing machines. There are several types of sewing machines used to make our clothes. When garment making was industrialized, scientists developed industrial power-driven sewing machines to meet the needs of mass production. Semi-automatic and fully automatic machines were developed in different stages. Machines are classified depending on seam types, a number of needles used, stitch classes, table bed etc. In the following list, most of the machine those are used in garment making.

  • Single/multi-needle industrial lockstitch sewing machine with or without trimmer
  • Blind stitch machine/Chain stitching machine.
  • Flatlock machine (cylinder bed and flatbed)
  • Overlock machine (3 threads/4 threads and 5 threads)
  • Single/double needle chain stitch machine
  • Zigzag flatbed sewing machine.
  • Button stitch sewing machine.
  • Buttonhole sewing machine
  • Feed-of-Arm sewing machine
  • Label/elastic inserting machine
  • Bar tacking machine.
  • Hemstitch machine.
  • Pin tucking machine.
  • Smocking machine / Automatic multi-needle shirring machine
  • Collar and cuff turning and blocking machine and pressing machine
  • Shoulder pad-attaching machine

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