Production per Machine for a Formal Trouser & Formal Shirt

Question: What should be the Production in Pcs/Machine for a formal trouser & formal shirt? ... asked by Naushad

Production per machine in a specified duration is known as machine productivity in the specified duration. There is some benchmark for machine productivity for both trouser and formal shirt in national level as well as international level. But that productivity figure varied widely depending on the technology used by the plant in manufacturing the products, semi-automatic machines, upper head material movements to name a few.

Garment productivity benchmark

Productivity Benchmark of Shirt and Trouser 

However, for your knowledge, formal shirt productivity figure is 9.12 units/ machine per 8 hours shift day (National benchmark, India) and 20.87 units/ machine per 8 hours shift day international benchmark (Hong Kong).

For trousers, national and international figures are 6.84 units/shift and 19.25 units/ shift respectively (ICRIER, 1993). Average machine productivity on base technology is 8.07 units per shift (Indian factories). (Source: Managing productivity in the apparel industry, Bheda, 2008)

To learn more on productivity research read the book MANAGING PRODUCTIVITY IN THE APPAREL INDUSTRY by Rajesh Bheda.

Calculating Production per Machine

If you are looking for estimated productivity figure of your factory then you can determine it by measuring garment SAM and line efficiency. Derive machine productivity by using the following formula:

Estimated Machine productivity = (Total minutes in a shift * line efficiency / Garment SAM)
Assuming the SAM of a formal shirt is 20 minutes and the production line performs at 60% efficiency,  the machine productivity would be
= 480 * 360%/20 = 14.4 units per 8 hours

Formula #2:
Machine productivity = (Total units produced by the line in shift ours/No. of machines used in making those garments).
Assuming that one line of 20 machines produced 400 Polo shirts in 8 hours shift day.
Therefore, machine productivity of this production line would be = 400/20 = 20 pieces per machine per 8 hours shift.

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  1. what is meant by "unit" here? As an I E we calculate in pcs normally. So why unit is used here. Please explain

    1. Hi Nurul, Here 'unit' is used in place of 'piece'. It is garment quantity.

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