Sewing Operator Recruiting Test Procedure

Question: How to test an operator in woven industry? I want to take test of an operator before hiring him. What will be that test? Asked by Rizwan


Factories follow standard procedures for hiring sewing operators.

Operator making mock
Industrial engineering department is responsible for conducting on-the-job test for candidates to ensure whether candidates are illegible or not as sewing operator.

In case factory does not have IE department, line supervisors carry out this test. Under this test sewing operators need to go through few tests and show their expertise in the given tests to be get hired.

When you are hiring an operator and want to place her directly to a line, she must be a trained operator and worked earlier in other organization. For such trained operators you need to test her sewing skills on following parameters –

  1.  Efficiency level in different operations
  2. Quality of the seam and stitches made by the candidate
  3. What types of machines she can run?
  4. What types of fabric she can handle? (like knits,woven or light fabric, thicker fabric)

These tests also help you to prepare skill matrix of those recruits. You can add their skills in your existing skill matrix (if you have one).

Test Procedure

Factories normally follow below procedures in operator recruiting test.

#1. Ask candidates to make mocks of garment components for the product you make in your factory. For example, if you are making shirt then give candidates to make Collar, Cuff, front placket or Chest pocket making and attaching to front panel. 

#2. Assess their work on the mock in terms of quality, performance level on the above parameters. If they make mocks up to your satisfaction level you pass them for sewing skills and forward them to HR for HR verification and recruiting formalities. If they don't meet your satisfaction level you can reject them. 

#3. At time of making mocks also check how candidates handle a machine. Like,

  • how they do threading of machine, 
  • needle attaching to machine, 
  • feeding of bobbin into shuttle, 
  • how fast they run a machine etc. 
From this test method you can assess how good your candidates are. From the test result you can decide who all are eligible for your requirement.
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