Take a Virtual Tour of Modern Apparel Manufacturing Companies

Most of us rarely get a chance to visit garment factories that are equipped with the latest machinery and state of art technology. On Youtube, you can watch such videos of top-level factories. 

Many apparel manufacturing companies have posted their company profile on Youtube with shop floor workflow, various departments, and the latest machinery. You can take a virtual tour of those factories on Youtube.

I have picked two such videos and embedded them below. Watch and Enjoy!

The first video is of a manufacturing facility that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California to show you how t-shirts are made in America. The clothing you wear is created by real people and today we share the inner workings of a global industry and how the purchases you make dictate how things are made. Video source: https://www.youtube.com/c/johnxsantos

Click on the below image to watch the video.


The second video is of a company profile of Hameem Group, Bangladesh. The company owned 15 garments factories, a unique Denim mill, a sweater factory, 5 washing plants, an Embroidery and Printing factory, a Cartoon factory, a Poly bag industry, a Label factory, Jute mill.