Workstation Design for Trouser Side Seam Operation with Zippy Edge Guide

Attachments are time-saving equipment for many sewing operations. Sewing workstation layout can be improved by using attachment and guides.

If you are already using attachments in sewing operations you might know how attachments help in increasing productivity and consistency in stitch quality. I am sharing one such sewing machine attachment used in trouser side seam operations.

Factories that make trousers must see this video. From this video, you can follow its workstation layout - like the placement of stacking cut panels, the height of the bench where cutting is stacked. In this video, the operator is using zippy guide and auto-stacker for stacking stitched trousers. Look at the sewing speed and material handling of the operator. You can use this video to train your operators also.

Video: Side Seam Workstation with Zippy Edge-Guide (Source: Youtube)


If you come across such good videos share it with us.
Or if you are using sewing machine attachments that helped you increasing production please share that.

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