Tools and Equipment used by Industrial Engineers in the Garment Industry

In their day to day job, Industrial Engineers (IE) use various type of tools and equipment. What all equipment and tools to use, depend on the job responsibilities of an IE in a company. Name of the common tools and equipment are listed below. Purposes of the tools are also mentioned here.

Stop Watch (Digital or analog): Measuring observed time at the time of Time Study.

Measuring Tape: Measuring the length of seams and measuring distances

Picture (Clockwise direction): Digital Camera, Digital Stop
Watch, Digital Tachometer, Measuring tape

Digital Camera: Capturing videos for various operations that help in motion analysis of operations.

Tripod for the camera: Used as a camera stand.

Time Study board: Required during time study to hold the Time Study format.

Calculator: Data calculation and report making.

Tachometer: to measure the speed of the motor of the sewing machine. This equipment is used to find machine rpm.

Data capturing and process analysis formats: For example- Time Study format, Motion analysis format etc. Data capturing and analysis to bring improvement.

Various documents: Documents are used to assist production and other processes with information, methodology or layout. Formats are like Operation Bulletin, Line Layout, Pitch Diagram, Hourly report format etc.

Computer: Data analysis, Report making, Mailing, video analysis of operations etc.

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