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Thanks for your interest to know more about me. I'm full time employed and part time Blogger.
Prasanta Sarkar with factory team on shop floor
If you are reading OCS posts and following me for long time, you might know what kind of posts I write. I have written many posts on various topics related garment manufacturing. Most of them are published here. Online Clothing Study is No.1 online resource in the world for learning apparel manufacturing for apparel students and professionals.

I have been often asked how I learned so much and in multiple fields at the same time. So, I thought of making a list of the companies and organisations I am currently associated and I was associated in past. Companies where I did my educational projects. Companies where I worked. Companies where I was associated. Wherever I visited or worked I learned many things from the company. I shared my learning in Online Clothing Study in article form. I gained knowledge over discussion with factory team, during the round to the production floor and other facilities. I learned things when did improvement projects implementation in factories.

Today it is difficult to remember all company names. So this is not the complete list of my work and association.

In past I worked in a garment export house. Closely worked with a buying hose and a printing unit. I worked in a Garment Consultancy firm. Currently I am associated with an IT company. Here I provide IT enabled services to the garment manufacturing companies. I am still spending lot of my work time in garment export houses in India.

Here is the list companies where I learned most:
  1. Madura Coats, Serampore - A sewing thread manufacturing company. I did my first summer internship in B.Tech. Internship duration was one month.
  2. Malwa Denim, Ludhiana - A Denim Manufacturing Company. It was a composite textile mill. It was my second summer internship in B. Tech. Internship duration was one month. 
  3. Vardhman Mills - visited spinning mills in Ludhiana. 
  4. Mafatlal Industries Limited - A denim fabric manufacturing unit. - visited denim fabric wet processing unit. 
  5. National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi- I did 2 years Post graduate course.
  6. Jyoti apparel, Gurgaon - An Export house. Visited this factory from NIFT, New Delhi
  7. Radnik Exports, Okhla - An Export house. Did short term project. My first interaction with IE department.
  8. Dhir International, Gurgaon - An Export house. visited to collect information for an college assignment on merchandising and sourcing raw materials.
  9. Entire Clothing Machines - A machine parts and equipment manufacturers in New Delhi. I have worked at their workshop and implemented some of equipment and work aids in sewing floor in four export houses.
  10. Texport Syndicate, Bangaluru - An export house. Did my summer internship. Project duration was two months. 
  11. ITC, Noida - Visited twice
  12. SGS Testing Lab, Gurgaon - Consumer goods testing lab. Visited from NIFT, New Delhi.
  13. Nehal Fashions, Tuklagabad - A Shirt Manufacturing Factory. Visited to accomplish garment costing assignment and understanding supply chain of a readymade garment manufacturing unit.
  14. Dragon Sweaters, Bangladesh - Sweater manufacturing and export company. I worked in this company for two months as production coordinator. This was my first job.
  15. Orient Craft, Gurgaon - an export house.
  16. Shahi Exports, Noida - an export house. Visited twice.
  17. Sahana Creations, Gurgaon - An export house where I worked more than two years. Worked there from the inception of the company. I was the lead person to set up the factory. 
  18. Concord Ventures - A buying office. Closely worked with merchandising team of the buying house.
  19. Worked with many garment printing houses in Gurgaon, Manesar and Faridabad - like Printshop, Sahana Fashions, Anupam printers, KalaKriti, Fortune Printer etc
  20. Asmara Apparels, A Buying house - Work with Asmara team closely when I was associated with Sahana Creations.
  21. United Color of Benetton, An International Apparel Brand. I had worked for them. Made lot of knitted orders for Benetton. I had visited their buying office, cutting section, warehouse and quality section many times. 
  22. Ganesha Embrodery, an embroidery unit.
  23. Freshtex Washing Unit - Visited washing plant couple of times for washing export orders.
  24. TCNS, Gurgaon - an export house. Undergone graduation project.
  25. Modelama Exports, Manesar, an export house. Visited their production floor, testing lab etc.
  26. Spring Overseas, Gurgaon - an export house. Undergone graduation project.
  27. Charlee Creations, Garment Manufacturing company Undergone graduation project.
  28. Mohan Clothing Company, Gurgaon an export house. Undergone graduation project.
  29. Koutons Retails India Ltd, Gurgaon - visited their factory many times. 
  30. Rajesh Bheda Consulting (RBC), Apparel Consultancy firm - I worked with this company for two years and 6 months. When I was  working with RBC, I have visited many garment factories in India and Bangladesh.
  31. First Overseas, Delhi - Project implementation and training 
  32. Fiori Creation, Faridabad - Project implementation and training
  33. Afflatus international, Okhla - Project implementation and training
  34. Paramount Products, Okhla - Project implementation and training
  35. Indigo Apparels, Okhla - Project implementation and training
  36. Aryan Apparel, Manesar - Project implementation and training
  37. Kohinoor Exports, Noida - Project implementation and training
  38. Sonali Exports, Delhi - Project implementation and training
  39. Orient Clothing Company, Gurgaon - Project implementation and training
  40. Adigear International, Delhi - Project implementation and training
  41. SAN International, Gurgaon (Visited the factory)
  42. Instyle Exports, Gurgaon - Project implementation and training
  43. Madura Clothing Company, Bangaluru - Conducted workshop on Train the Trainer (Sewing operator with Paul Collyer)
  44. Apparel Training and Design Center, Institute - Workshop for training of faculty members
  45. DBL, Bangladesh - Visited with my colleague at the time of project completion
  46. Natural Denim, Bangladesh -Visited for factory assessment
  47. Ecotex, Bangladesh - Visited for factory assessment
  48. Sivalik Print Limited, Faridabad - Conducted workshop on Per-Production Planning
  49. Radnik Exports, Gurgaon (294, 215 and 186) - Project Implementation and Training
  50. Radnik Exports, Noida (E2) -Project Implementation and Training
  51. Sahu Exports, Noida - Project Implementation and Training
  52. Sahu Exports, Greater Noida - Project Implementation and Training
  53. Orient fashions, Gurgaon - Project Implementation and Training
  54. Orient Fashions, Noida - Project Implementation and Training
  55. Team Krian, Greater Noida - Project Implementation and Training
  56. Neetee Clothing, Gurgaon - Project Implementation and Training
  57. Akriti Apparel, Faridabad - Project Implementation and Training
  58. Peempro Export, Faridabad - Project Implementation and Training
  59. Peempro Exports, Faridabad (Unit 2) - Project Implementation and Training
  60. Paragon Apparels, Noida - Visited factory
  61. Mustard Clothing, Noida - Visited factory and their Central warehouse
  62. Drips Apparels, Gurgaon - Project Implementation and Training
  63. New Delhi Export House, Noida - project implementation and training
  64. Freshmok, An apparel e-commerce company, Helped them to develop their factory quality manual
  65. Prepared project reports on business start up for many entrepreneurs
  66. Have written a book on Industrial Engineering: Guide to job interview preparation

Updated on Nov, 2014

Prasanta Sarkar

Prasanta Sarkar is a textile engineer and a postgraduate in fashion technology from NIFT, New Delhi, India. He has authored 6 books in the field of garment manufacturing technology, garment business setup, and industrial engineering. He loves writing how-to guide articles in the fashion industry niche. He has been working in the apparel manufacturing industry since 2006. He has visited garment factories in many countries and implemented process improvement projects in numerous garment units in different continents including Asia, Europe, and South Africa. He is the founder and editor of the Online Clothing Study Blog.

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